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10 Anime Characters Who Didn’t Deserve Redemption

Perhaps one of the most off-putting things about anime for fans is how quickly characters are to forgive. Characters will wipe out an entire city or kill families, but that’s all fine. After all, they have a tragic back story, so everyone will reluctantly let it go so long as they promise to give up on their evil ways.

Sometimes it’s not so bad—the character might have been a jerk, but they’re genuinely different now and it’s better. Other times, the character is too far gone and will only do more harm even if the main characters show them pity.

Envy Killed One Of The Most Liked Characters In Fullmetal Alchemist

Envy was responsible for taking the life of one of the most beloved characters in Fullmetal Alchemist—Maes Hughes. For the remainder of the series, he would continue to shapeshift until he finally was discovered by the one man who would no longer tolerate his shenanigans.

After being an annoyance, Colonel Mustang gave Envy what fans wanted—a beatdown—but the rest of Mustang’s allies convinced him to stop before he killed him.

Vegeta Nearly Destroyed Earth Once And Killed Innocent People Because Goku Wouldn’t Fight Him (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta’s redemption tour has been a conversation amongst fans for years. After spending years working under Frieza, the character finally made his way to Earth to gain the Dragon Balls, wish for immortality, and take over Frieza’s Army for himself.

His battle resulted in an entire city destroyed, and most of the Z Fighters were killed, but Goku saved him—solely for another opportunity to fight him again.

Suzaku Betrayed His Own Father And Caused Japan To Fall (Code Geass)

Some Code Geass fans might Suzaki’s placement is questionable—but he betrayed his people to work for Britannia. Knowing Britannia was an imperialistic nation that came to Japan to conquer it and forcibly make their people into second-class citizens, Suzaku not only chose not to fight back, but he also killed his father because he wouldn’t surrender.

In the end, he continued fighting for the Britannians in the hope of “changing the system from the inside” all while his people suffered under Britannian rule.

Scar Killed Winry’s Parents Even Though They Weren’t Soldiers (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Scar’s people were the victim of the Amestris’ war on the Ishvalan people, resulting in the majority of them being wiped out. Scar’s rage at losing his brother and his people caused him to turn into a murderer who went around hunting down State Alchemists.

His method of killing caused him to fight using half of alchemy—only using the first two steps rather than the third step that involved reshaping whatever he was doing alchemy on. Though his rage is understandable, ultimately he took the lives of the Rockbells, doctors who had done no harm to him.  Of course, this doesn’t stop people from loving the character and doing amazing cosplay of him.

Char Aznable Betrayed And Manipulated Everyone Around Him During The One Year War (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Char Aznable was filled with rage from the moment his dad was killed for the sake of political expediency, and putting the Daikum family in charge of the Zeon faction. From then on, he became driven by revenge, and would even stab a long time friend in the back for the sake of finding the revenge he sought.

Char tried to let his rage go after Mobile Suit Gundam and even fought on the good guys’ sides when he teamed with Kamille and Bright Noa against the corrupt Titans faction of the Earth’s Federation Forces. However, by Char’s Counterattack he was trying to wipe out all of Earth again, blaming the planet for the rest of humanity’s problems.

Orochimaru Killed The Third Hokage And Many Other Ninja To Become Immortal (Naruto)

Orochimaru committed countless human rights violations by experimenting on people and even taking people’s bodies so he could attain some form of immortality. He even attacked Konoha Village and killed the third Hokage, a man responsible for teaching him.

The character should never have been forgiven and shouldn’t be allowed in The Hidden Leaf Village—yet, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations his kid goes to The Academy. He attends PTA meetings, acting like everything he did was now water under the bridge.

Marik Had Yugi’s Friends Kidnapped And Nearly Killed Yugi Multiple Times For The Millennium Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

When Marik’s dark side emerges, the storyline almost immediately forgets who Marik was until that point in the city. Suddenly the fight against him is as much about freeing Marik as it is about defeating Yami Marik so the Millennium Puzzle can be safe.

But that’s definitely retconning a lot of what happened during the Battle City arc. Marik kidnapped and brainwashed Joey and forced him to fight his best friend in a duel where one of them was supposed to be drowned to death. All of this happened before Yami Marik ever presented himself, but the entire group was willing to forgive and forge by the end.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Experimented On His Own Kid (Bleach)

Mayuri is an example of everyone basically forgetting how terrible he was because they had bigger fish to fry. The character is literally a mad scientist who’s wiped out thousands of people for the purpose of his experiments.

He experimented on his own daughter and turned people into bombs. He was vilified during the Soul Society arc. Still, as threats appeared like the Arrancar and Quincies, Mayuri went from being considered a potential villain to one of the groups—just the part of the group no one went near.

Sasuke Nearly Killed His Teammates Multiple Times (Naruto)

Where does one start when it comes to Sasuke? Sasuke’s rage is completely understandable, as he learns about the mistreatment the Uchiha clan had to deal with. However, Sasuke took his rage out on the entire ninja world—and that includes battling and nearly killing his allies.

These were people who’d grown up alongside him and supported him as a ninja. He made attempts on the lives of other Kage as well, meaning he really should have been the enemy of the entire ninja world. But eventually, everyone seems to let this go.

Zeref Conquered An Entire Country And Is The Cause Of Most Evil Guilds (Fairy Tail)

Zeref is the cause of nearly everything that happens in Fairy Tail. The wizard falling in love with Mavis causes his curse to activate and kill her. This resulted in the second guild master of Fairy Tail abandoning the guild and creating Grimoire Heart, after spending years trying to revive Mavis but never succeeding.

In the end, despite Zeref taking thousands of lives directly and indirectly as well as conquering an entire country, Mavis was only able to defeat him by admitting her love for him and allowing her own curse to wipe him out once and for all.