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10 DC Couples That Happened Overnight

Several comic book characters have had romances that have excited and delighted fans. The DC Comics romances have sometimes helped drum up interest in certain characters, as fans love to follow relationships. Bruce Wayne has shown great interest in Selina Kyle ever since he was introduced to her in the 1940s. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson has been torn between Barbara Gordon and Starfire at various points.

While characters like Bruce Wayne have had their romances develop over decades, other characters have found their romances sometimes happening in an instant. Some characters have been overly eager to fall in love, resulting in their characters either finding happiness or suffering greatly.

Bride & Groom: The Two Married Shortly After Meeting

Bride and Groom were villains first introduced in Nightwing #129, and the pair’s romance developed incredibly quickly. They went from being basically strangers to married in a relatively short amount of time.

The Groom has spent decades searching for the perfect wife. He wants a powerful woman who he can feed off like a parasite. The Bride seems relatively uninterested in her potential groom until she realizes how she could benefit from their relationship.

Barbara Gordon & Luke Fox: The Two Were Revealed To Be Dating & Later Fought Together As Batgirl & Batwing

It felt like DC Comics had been flirting with the idea of reuniting Barbara and Dick as a couple. When Dick shows up unexpectedly, he discovers that Barbara is in a relationship with Luke Fox.

Luke’s relationship with Barbara seemed unexpected. His family’s relationship with the Bat-Family would seem to imply they met through their association with Batman. Their relationship felt a bit underdeveloped as not much about their relationship was revealed, though the two would team up to fight crime using their alter-egos Batgirl and Batwing.

Rebecca Brown & Joseph Kerr: A Reformed Joker Proposes To The Woman Across The Hall

After the supposed death of Batman, Joker begins to be transformed into a somewhat normal person. Joker starts using the name Joseph Kerr after being seemingly cured of his evil machinations.

Joseph begins a relationship with Rebecca Brown, the woman living across the hall from him. Their relationship developed quickly with Joseph proposing marriage after a few weeks of them knowing each other. When Joseph becomes the Joker again, Rebecca is left heartbroken without her beloved Joseph.

Arisia Rrab & Hal Jordan: Hal Quickly Began A Relationship With Arisia Right After She Rapidly Aged Herself To A More “Appropriate” Age

Arisia Rrab had a crush on her mentor, Hal Jordan, for a while before their relationship officially began. Hal kept her at a distance, often citing their age difference as making their relationship inappropriate.

That all changed when Arisia managed to rapidly age herself up. Almost instantly, Hal Jordan began a relationship with the girl. Despite suddenly being more age-appropriate, Arisia and Hal’s relationship was widely panned by fans.

Linda Park & Wally West: Linda Instantly Fell In Love With A Virtual Stranger

Wally West would return to DC Comics during the events of Rebirth. He had been erased from history, and everyone who loved him had forgotten about him. He had an entire life that only he could remember. Wally reached out to his former wife, Linda Park, who had no idea who he was.

Despite her initial reluctance to spend time with him, she found herself falling in love with him very quickly. Wally West could have found himself spending time with a Linda from a different world or reality, but their love seemed to transcend alternative timelines and dimensions.

Barbara Gordon & Bruce Wayne: Barbara Suddenly Started Dating Her Mentor

The popularity of Batman: The Animated Series resulted in the series being spun off into a series of comics. Within the show, Barbara was shown being in a relationship with Dick Grayson, while the comics revealed that she had started dating their mentor.

In an odd turn of events, Barbara began a relationship with the Dark Knight. Her relationship with Bruce was incredibly shocking to a lot of fans. Many viewed the suddenly shifted relationship as incredibly inappropriate.

Mera & Arthur Curry: Mera Found Herself Falling For The Man She’d Been Sent To Assassinate

Mera had a marriage arranged by her father. Before she could marry, she was sent on a mission to assassinate Atlantis’ king. She went to the surface world where she was able to track down Arthur Curry with relative ease.

She was incredibly surprised to find out that Arthur was nothing like she’d been told. He was surprisingly kind and amazed by her abilities, and she found herself falling for Arthur fairly quickly.

Dinah Lance & Oliver Queen: The Two Started Dating Shortly After Dinah Joined The Justice League

Dinah began as a member of the Justice Society before joining the Justice League. When she begins her tenure with the Justice League, she developed a special relationship with one of her new teammates.

Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen quickly fell in love with each other. When Oliver decided to leave the Justice League, Dinah did the same. The duo would eventually marry, but would later divorce.

Koriand’r & Dick Grayson: The Two Began Their (Rocky) Relationship After A Thank You Kiss From Kori

Dick Grayson has proven himself to be a lot more open and trusting than his mentor, Batman. When Dick initially met Koriand’r, she was a strange alien girl running from people trying to capture her.

Dick was immediately taken by her beauty. He didn’t know anything about her, but he was still willing to risk everything to help her. She kissed him as soon as she met him, which was the sudden beginning of their rocky relationship.

Harley Quinn & Joker: Her Obsession With The Joker Would Cause Her A Lot Of Problems

Harleen Quinzel was a brilliant psychologist when she began working at Arkham Asylum. Even before she started working there, she seemed to have a strange obsession with the Joker.

She quickly began a relationship with the Joker after meeting him in person. She was completely enamored by her new love, while the Joker was only using her for his own selfish reasons. In the end, the relationship would ruin Harley’s life, as she would lose her license and become a criminal— though she’s recently made great strides since their relationship ended.