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10 Of The Best Outfits In Bloodborne

When Bloodborne first came out, it really broke the mold for FromSoftware games in terms of location, themes, boss design, and gameplay. However, one other surprising change from the previous Dark Souls series that predate it is the fact that your attire can’t be upgraded at all.

Whilst most outfits in Bloodborne do carry a small defensive stat of some sort, the clothes you decide to wear for your particular Hunter are essentially just a fashion choice for most of the game. Therefore, if you want to look fancy or downright terrifying strutting your stuff around Yharnam then here are some of the best outfits worth adding to your wardrobe.

The Hunter

You can never go wrong with that classic Hunter look. This dark draping Dickensian number is Victorian Coachmen meets Jack The Ripper and provides players with their first decent bit of protection from the roaming beasts of Yharnam.

The Hunter Set can be missed if you’re not careful, as it’s located in the sewers near the Great Bridge. A bit of exploration and you will find it at the end of a tunnel before a drop off into a larger section of the sewers.

The Doll Clothes

The item description on the Doll Clothes reads “discarded doll clothing, likely a spare for dress-up”. Which is a perfect description since it has the second-lowest defensive stats in the game.

But if you want to look elegant as you pave your way in blood and bodies to the conclusion of the game, then the Doll Set is a great pick. It’s located inside a chest in the Old Abandoned Workshop and it can be sold for 35000 Blood Echoes if you’re in need of some extra resources.

The Graveguard

A spectacularly spooky set that’s ideal for skulking around the shadows of Bloodborne’s Lovecraftian locales. The Gravegaurd outfit comes complete with a mask depicting a screaming face, great for scaring your friends that join through co-op as you madly run at them from the dark.

The set is found spread out across two dead bodies in the Forbidden Woods. Near the area with the Snake Parasites there should be a path, stick to the left of it to find a gap you can jump across to get it.

Bone Ash

To inject a little magical theme to your monster murder try adding the Bone Ash outfit to your collection. A devilishly long pointed witch’s hat and eight-eyed skull mask add a touch of eldritch horror to this look’s chain mail and leather strip motif.

Grabbing this stylish set is no easy task, though. To get it requires beating the Keeper of the Old Lords boss in the second layer of the Central Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon, one of Bloodborne’s randomly generated challenge labyrinths. So wearing this fashionable number comes with some Bloodborne bragging rights at least.


It wouldn’t be a FromSoftware game unless there were some outfits that were a little bit on the silly side and the Executioner is a prime example.

Featuring long flowing robes and a big golden bell, this look might seem impractical but it is also stylish in its own way. The Executioner set does provide an excellent bolt and arcane defense despite how it looks. To pick up this not-so-subtle set, you will need to head to Cainhurst Castle where it will be on a dead body. The gold hat can also be bought from the messengers after you pick up the Wheel Hunter Badge along with a new Hunter Tool from the workshop.


The Plague Doctor look is always spine-tingling to look at and Bloodborne’s Crowfeather set is no exception to this. Featuring a wooden beaked mask that captures the almost quarantine-Esque tone of any Hunt Night, this set really sets the tone.

It also has a large billowy cape made from crow feathers that looks incredibly intimidating swooping around you when you dash and dodge. You can pick up this ensemble from the Messengers once you receive the Crow Hunter Badge from completing Eileen the Crow’s quest.


Release your inner beast with this deer horned set that features a Cleric Beast pelt slain by Brador as a testament to his might as a Hunter. It’s an impressive feat considering it can be a tough boss fight in Bloodborne, especially for new players.

To get your hands on this nightmarish attire, you will need to first have The Old Hunters DLC installed. Then head to the location called The Hunters Nightmare and beat the four different invasions of the Brador NPC. The outfit drops in separate parts after each fight and the sound of a bell will signal where he’s about to appear next.


Although not as outwardly strange as the Executioner set, the Constable’s oddest choice is the stylish solid steel bucket hat. Similar to the Doll’s Set in terms of low defense stats, it still provides a fun roleplay outfit for Bloodborne co-op. Especially if you want to play as a vigilante policeman in a nightmare fantasy world.

Acquiring this unique set of items is, like Brador, oddly complicated. First, you will once again need to have the Old Hunters DLC in order to speak to Valtr in the Forbidden Woods. Then join his group, The League, and exterminate at least five Vermin, monsters you gain by completing co-op sessions with the Impurity rune. Players will then find his gear dotted around the Forbidden Woods at key locations. Or alternatively, you could just kill Valtr and take the outfit.

Maria The Hunter

There are few outfits that combine the elegance and fanciful lace of high Victorian fashion with the sturdy durability and practicality of Hunter leathers in a swooping dress coat, but Maria The Hunter’s outfit manages it easily.

This impressive number is sold by the Insight Bath Messenger after you takedown Lady Maria of The Astral Clocktower, no easy feat in itself. Her boss fight is at the top of the asylum, just before you get to the Fishing Hamlet, another bizarre location in the game. This is also another outfit only accessible in the Old Hunters expansion.

Yahar’Gul Hooded

There are theories within the Bloodborne Community that this intimidating outfit is a reference to Dark Souls 3. Although it predates the game by exactly a year to the day, it’s still fun to pretend that the two are linked in some way.

Sporting a large iron helmet that will help keep things from stabbing at your face, this set comes with a high defense stat and an intimidating-looking cowl. It’s located in the Hypogean Gaol down a set of stairs near the lamp on a body that’s in front of a wagon. So it’s not too tricky to get to.