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12 The Sims 4 YouTube Channels To Watch

The Sims 4 is an enthralling life simulation game in part for its numerous expansion packs and its abundance of content. As a supplement to playing the game, watching YouTube channels can kindle players’ creativity and provide you with ideas to fuel their game. The Sims 4 YouTube creators are some of the most imaginative people on the internet.

Creating houses, forming relationships, and venturing out into The Sims 4‘s expansive world will prove more enjoyable while watching some of this content, as it just keeps players immersed far beyond being in-game. The Sims 5 is somewhere on the horizon, but before the fourth entry goes out of style, be sure to check out other peoples’ creations either directly or through content on YouTube.

Updated 04/05/2021 by Erik Petrovich: The YouTube community surrounding The Sims 4 is what keeps driving the game forward and makes interesting for many players. Since this list was originally published, more creators have made names for themselves over time. These channels showcase a unique sense of humor and incredible builds. Plumbella and have been around for a long time, and as long as The Sims series doesn’t go anywhere, neither will any of these YouTubers.


To say that Plumbella sways towards the ridiculous side of things in The Sims 4 is an understatement. Plumbella exclusively uploads The Sims 4 content on a near-daily basis, many of which are focused on challenges the Sims community has come up with.

When she’s not playing The Sims 4, she usually plays other Sims titles. These include previous versions and spin-off games. All the while, she deploys her mile-a-minute sense of humor in a thick Northern English accent.

11James Turner

James Turner’s channel is focused mostly on The Sims 4 challenges and builds, including everything from a typical mansion to a sprawling complex, but he also makes a lot of essay-type videos focused on The Sims and other casual games.

Turner has been making Sims content on YouTube since almost the very beginning. He uploaded his first video 12 years ago. The content just kept getting better, and he now uploads on a near-daily basis.

10BuzzFeed Multiplayer

With over 9 million subscribers, it’s no secret that Buzzfeed Multiplayer is one of the fastest-growing The Sims 4 channels. Although the channel also uploads content from other games, there is more than enough regular The Sims 4 content to keep fans happy.

With host Kelsey Impicciche behind the computer, The Sims 4 turns into less of a life simulator and more of an off-the-wall adventure. Impicciche regularly finds herself in strange and bizarre situations. The series is produced by the huge company Buzzfeed, of course, but that shouldn’t turn viewers away from this quality content.

9Curious Simmer

YouTuber Curious Simmer is a The Sims 4 video creator who has a different way of playing the game than most. Instead of focusing on builds, challenges, or playing the game at all, she instead uploads a variety of story-based The Sims 4 videos.

In a montage of clips, the Curious Simmer tells original stories with semi-professional video editing and camera work. The channel is rapidly growing in popularity because of how unique the videos are, but they aren’t for everyone.


YouTube creator Steph0Sims has been a steadily growing Sims-tuber for a few years now, culminating in an impressive 580k subs in 2021. Her videos are extremely funny, with jokes too off-the-wall to describe. Her videos almost always turn ridiculous in some way.

For one challenge, Steph0sims tried to “WooHoo” with every Sim in the game possible. In another, she attempted the famous 100 baby challenge. If viewers don’t stay for The Sims 4 content, they’ll stay for Steph0Sims’ antics.

7Call Me Kevin

One of the most high-quality The Sims 4 channels surely has to be Call Me Kevin. His commentary is priceless and his comedy is perfectly timed, like a mix between stand-up comedy and gaming. It’s no wonder Call Me Kevin has over two million subscribers.

Call Me Kevin has a huge number of The Sims 4 videos in his catalog. Almost all of these are smartly edited to show off the insanity of Sims 4 content. He also uploads a variety of modding videos, for the more computer-savvy Sims fans to follow along with.


For fans of ridiculous Sims antics as well as top-quality builds, lilsimsie is one YouTube channel any fan should watch. Lilsimsie often tries difficult community challenges, like the aforementioned 100 babies challenge, but she cools things down with less silly content too.

She uploads to YouTube consistently, having achieved over a million subscribers in the last few years. Additionally, she also streams The Sims 4 on Twitch.


In Deligracy‘s most popular video she builds her dream house in the engine of The Sims 4 – and she’s created a huge number of extraordinary homes throughout the years. Her “Amazing Forest Pool House” is among the most intricate designs ever made in The Sims 4.

Based out of Australia, Deligracy has more than a million subscribers thanks to her high level of play in The Sims 4, but it’s not the only Sims game she plays. Deligracy also uploads and streams content from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.


Auron may be the most popular The Sims 4 YouTube creator in all of Spain. Auron’s The Sims 4 videos are uploaded sporadically, while his main channel is home to a variety of content from games across the spectrum of genres.

Audiences will have to understand Spanish to understand the bulk of his content. However, past that language barrier is one of the most charismatic and hilarious The Sims 4 YouTubers out there. Be prepared to see a few more games than just The Sims.


LaruenzSide is a “self-proclaimed gaming comedian.”  The release of The Sims 4 Realm of Magic inspired countless The Sims 4 YouTube videos, including a huge variety of videos by LaurenzSide in which she re-designs classic Harry Potter characters.

Although her videos are long, they are well worth the time spent watching them. She’s one of the most popular The Sims YouTubers too, with her top The Sims video currently boasting more than 10 million views. She has too many The Sims videos to count, but her more recent content has strayed away from the game.

2Clare Siobhan

For viewers looking for someone who is dedicated to The Sims and doesn’t just upload videos every now and again, check out Clare Siobhan‘s channel. Her top The Sims 4 video garnered over 4 million views, and her daily videos boast huge view counts for such a young channel.

The creativity that Clare Siobhan displays is mesmerizing, as she will usually continue with a series for a long, long time to follow through to its completion. She uploads every day, but her videos usually flit between The Sims 4 content and other games.

1Kelsey Impicciche

Technically speaking, Kelsey Impicciche has already been mentioned here, as the host of Buzzfeed Multiplayer. This channel is not affiliated with Buzzfeed Multiplayer but is instead Kelsey Impicciche‘s personal channel. Here, she previews the latest expansions and participates in IRL The Sims content.

Kelsey likes to recreate outfits from The Sims and bake cakes as if she were a character from The Sim as part of live-action skits. It sounds bizarre, and it is, but it’s also very intentionally hilarious.