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15 Strongest and Best Shields in Skyrim

A mighty shield is an ideal partner for a strong one-handed sword. Although it’s critical to inflict damage, learning how to take a hit could be the difference between bloodshed and victory. A strong shield will aid you in avoiding as much harm as possible from the enemies that stand in your path. Some of these shields are one-of-a-kind. To get some of them, you’ll have to go through hell.

But don’t worry; your efforts will be amply rewarded. Many of these shields can be seen in the game’s early stages. They can last you longer than any game you’ve ever played. Make sure you’re well-prepared with one of these exquisitely made pieces of armor that will complement any sword.

Orcish Shield


When you’re first starting in the game, the Orcish shield is the best option. It has a nice style and a respectable base armor rating. The defensive stat weighs 14 and is 32. The Orcish armor kit includes the sword, which will be available at level 26.

It can be strengthened with the Orcish smithing perk and upgraded at a blacksmith’s forge. Finally, it can be obtained as a world commodity, from blacksmiths, or Orcs.

Nordic Shield


You will only get the mighty Nordic shield if you have the Dragonborn DLC. It is, however, one of the best shields available in the game. Its architecture has a number of specific features that make it a desirable piece of armor, even for those who do not believe it is capable of shielding them from damage.

It can be found as random loot in the Dragonborn DLC, and Quicksilver Ingots can be used to upgrade it.

Aetherial Shield

Perhaps one of the better shields in the game’s early stages. It has some impressive numbers as well as incredible skills. It can be obtained by completing the ‘Lost to the Ages’ search in the Aetherium Forge. To twice the improvement, it can be revamped at a workbench and smithed with the Arcane Blacksmith perk. It can also be enchanted to make opponents ethereal, rendering them incapable of attacking you.

Falmer Shield


The Falmer shield can be made and upgraded in the same way as any other Falmer gear is – by mixing raw chitin with other materials. This strangely formed shield can be used in almost every dungeon in the game where Falmer monsters can be found. As a result, it’s not as rare as any of the other items on this page.

The construction of this shield is very unusual. Its organic essence seems to be disliked by many players. It can, however, provide you with adequate cover in the early stages of the game.

Ebony Shield


The ebony armor kit includes an ebony shield. It is recommended that you obtain the entire range of Ebony armor in order to get the best results for this shield. You won’t have to think about that because the Ebony armor package is one of Skyrim’s finest heavy armor sets.

It has a weight of 14 and a base armor stat of 32. You’ll need the Ebony smithing perk to make this shield at a workbench. It can even be enchanted to make it better. It can be obtained by crafting, vendors, or as random loot.

Stalhrim Shield


One of the strongest light shields in the game is the Stalhrim shield. The Dragonborn DLC also has it. It can be bought from Baldor Iron-Shaper or obtained as loot. It outperforms even some of the game’s strong shields in terms of defense.

It won’t appear until level 35, so this isn’t one of those outfits you can get early on in the season. Because of the properties of Stalhrim, this shield is excellent at preventing frost damage, so make sure to use protective enchantments on it to get the most out of it.

Dawnguard Rune Shield


This is a one-of-a-kind Dawnguard DLC cover, as the name implies. You’ll need to be a part of the Dawnguard DLC to get it, and you’ll find it during the luminous Dawnguard’Lost Relic’ search. It has a base armor stat of 27 and is just 6 pounds in weight.

This shield can be enchanted more to improve it. It can also use the Advanced Armors perk to double the improvement. The enchantment has many advantages, including increased bash damage against vampires. Aside from that, there’s the sun shield, which does harm to surrounding opponents.

Targe of the Blooded


With just 7 defense points, this shield’s base defense is very low. The Targe of the Blooded, on the other hand, has a legitimate excuse for being so big on this list. The shield’s wooden surface is covered with pointy spikes. These encourage you to use it to smash opponents.

When you use the Targe of the Blooded to attack an enemy, they will bleed for 5 seconds. This shield has an enchantment that can’t be taken down.

Dragonplate Shield


The Dragonplate Shield is one of the strongest shields in Skyrim, but it does have one flaw that prevents it from placing higher on this list. It’s incredibly difficult to come by and extremely expensive to make. If you want to receive it, best of luck, and if you do, count yourself as very fortunate.

You may get it from general goods vendors, blacksmiths, or as loot at random. Otherwise, conserve your time and resources and search for a different shield to use instead. To twice the improvement, it can be upgraded at a workbench and smithed with the Dragon armor perk.

Herebane’s Fortress

Herebane’s Fortress has a 21-point defense. As a result, it’s one of the strongest one-of-a-kind shields in the series. It’s an elven shield, but it has the same size and form as any other elven shield on the market. This shield not only has higher defensive points than normal, but it also gives the wearer a 50% boost in frost resistance. This allows them to withstand a lot of frost damage before succumbing.

We’re all aware of how inconvenient and common frost is in Skyrim. As a result, bringing Herebane’s Fortress will allow you to tap into nearly limitless strength. Unfortunately, since Herebane was removed from the final version of the title, it can only be accessed by downloading the game data!

Shield of Ysgramor


This is the best shield we can suggest to someone who is just starting in the game. It has a weight of 12 and a base armor stat of 30. It grants you a 20% magic tolerance and boosts your fitness by 20 points after you’ve obtained it. Since, regardless of the benefits, it does not help enchantment.

As a result, you won’t be able to improve your defenses to deal with the types of enemies you’ll encounter at higher ranks, such as 40 and beyond. Ysgramor’s Tomb is where you can get it before or during the Companions questline.

Daedric Shield


The Daedric shield does not take as high a standard as the Dragonplate shield to be crafted. It, on the other hand, fights much more than the dragon. It’s made out of ebony ingots (and you can upgrade it with these ingots as well). Bear in mind that you’ll still require a Daedra heart in addition to the ingots.

It has a 36-point bae safety rating. That makes it the best shield in Skyrim’s base game, except for any special shields we’ve included in this list. The Daedric shield is just what you need if you want vanilla gear.

Shield of Solitude


The shield has the same defense stat as Auriel’s shield, but it is slightly smaller at 12 pounds. To acquire this shield, players must first complete the quest “The Wolf Queen Awakens,” in which Falk Firebeard will hand it over.

This shield can be enchanted to turn it into a formidable weapon. At level 40, the spell has the greatest significance. The shield’s magic resistance improves by 30% at this stage, and it can now block 35% of all physical damage. Just one thing stands in the way of this armor being the strongest shield in Skyrim. It’s the fact that the best version of the shield is only available to those who have reached level 40.



The Spellbreaker is a mythical shield with a long history. It was used by King Rourken during the First Era’s most important battle. As a result, this shield has been in use for hundreds of years. Over the ages of men, it has maintained its strong magic.

It can withstand a great deal of magical damage. When you use it to shield, it creates a special ward of up to 50 points of magical damage. It also has a 38-point defense rating. In terms of simple defense points, this places it much better than the Daedric Shield.

Auriel’s Shield


Auriel’s shield is a one-of-a-kind Dawnguard DLC shield with the game’s second-best defensive base armor numbers. It has a weight of 14 and a defensive stat of 32. It operates by saving the energy used against it during attacks and then releasing it with a powerful bash. After 15 or more hits, the power bash becomes the most powerful.

You must first destroy the Falmer Warmonger in the Forgotten Vale Forest to gain this shield. However, getting to the Forgotten Vale Forest is difficult, and most players give up somewhere along the way. Auriel’s shield is one of the strongest in Skyrim, and it deservingly takes second place.