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5 best jobs in GTA Online for beginners in 2021

For beginners, GTA Online often feels like an unscalable mountain, and rightfully so.

Novice players don’t have a lot of money starting out, and they don’t know how to become a billionaire overnight either. This especially becomes a problem when the player needs to invest in a profitable side hustle or buy a decent car.

Making money is an integral part of GTA Online and should not be taken with a grain of salt since nothing comes for peanuts.

5 best jobs in GTA Online for beginners in 2021

#5 – Contact missions

Image via john2k plays, Youtube
Image via john2k plays, Youtube

Contact missions are some of the most engaging story-mode missions featured in GTA Online.

While these missions offer decent payouts, they do allow players to claim extra bonuses, including RP and cash bonuses. Only a couple of these missions are available at the start. The rest are unlocked as the player levels up in GTA Online.

Contact missions allow players to rack up the big bucks without having to do a lot of laborious grinding. This is definitely a great way to generate an extra stream of income as a beginner in 2021.

#4 – CEO Work

Image via RunBabyRun 28, Youtube
Image via RunBabyRun 28, Youtube

CEO/VIP work is one of the most underrated ways to make money in GTA Online. Such jobs are often easy to grind and generally pay well, especially for beginners who don’t have a lot of options.

The good news is players don’t have to have a bunch of businesses under their belt to live the good life in GTA Online.

Here’s how players can unlock CEO/VIP work:

  • Bring up the interaction menu
  • Find SecuroServ
  • Select VIP/CEO work
  • Select one of the available missions
  • Have fun racking up the big bucks

#3 – Collectibles

Image via gta5-mods
Image via gta5-mods

GTA Online features a number of money-spinning activities, and collectibles are one of them. Although collectibles aren’t available for grabs throughout the year, when Rockstar does make them accessible, they incite quite the buzz in the GTA Online community.

One of the most popular collectables in the game are the Peyote plants. Ingesting these plants morphs the player into an animal. While the magic of the plant is in effect, the player can neither harm anyone nor be harmed.

#2 – Heists

Image via
Image via

There is nothing quite as profitable in GTA Online as Heists. Heists feature a unique plotline that unfolds over a series of exciting events.

Generally, they pay a lot. However, the overall profit made, keeping in account the cut that’s taken by the crew members, depends on the way the leader plots the heist and how much they manage to take from the secret vaults.

So, it’s advisable to read a couple of guides on the subject before starting a heist as they do require quite a bit of investment.

All in all, heists are extremely lucrative and allow the player to go from rags to riches within a few hours while having the time of their life.

#1 – Simeonomics

Stealing a car for Simeon never goes out of style in GTA Online. Simeonomics unlocks at rank 1 and tasks the player with a basic task that any player can nail on the first try.

The mission objective is to steal a car from the airport and safely deliver it to Simeon at his dealership. It’s as simple as it gets. Stealing and driving a car is probably the first thing players learn in GTA Online.