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5 reasons to own a Toreador in GTA Online in 2021

The Toreador is an essential vehicle to own in GTA Online. It is an excellent car that’s currently highly viable in the current metagame.

In some cases, the Toreador makes other vehicles completely obsolete. A whole archetype of boats is worthless thanks to vehicles like the Toreador. There are also many sports classic cars that simply cannot compete with the Toreador in terms of overall usefulness.

If players have a few million bucks to spend, purchasing the Toreador in GTA Online can be one of the best decisions they will ever make.

5 reasons why players should buy a Toreador in GTA Online in 2021

#5 – Good base stats

Even when one ignores all the useful and unique attributes of the Toreador, one should find that it does well as a regular car. It’s still a classic sports car capable of driving fast and stylishly through the streets of San Andreas. One could even argue that no other sports classic comes close to the Toreador because of its unique attributes.

The base stats of the Toreador are quite good. They aren’t outstanding, but the base speed, acceleration and handling are decent. Its braking capabilities are subpar, but that’s a minor setback for an otherwise top-tier vehicle.

#4 – Unlimited missiles

Some weaponized vehicles are held back by various limits. One of the most common limits is the number of missiles that the vehicle can have at any given time. The Oppressor Mk II is one of the best vehicles in GTA Online right now, but it can only have up to 20 missiles at any given time. The Toreador, by comparison, can have an unlimited amount.

Players often won’t need more than 20 missiles to destroy somebody in GTA Online, but it’s still a neat feature to have. It makes it even more useful for missions, as no amount of infinitely spawning minions will ruin the player’s time.

Hence, players won’t have to worry about silly limitations or when to reserve their missiles. It’s a minor feature, but a welcome one nonetheless.

#3 – Boosting potential

Although the Toreador cannot technically fly, it’s capable of being in the air for a prolonged period of time, thanks to its boosting potential. It doesn’t fly like a plane would, but it does so in a similar manner to that of the Rocket Voltic. It’s awesome seeing the Toreador drive up a building in an otherwise impossible manner, especially since most vehicles are incapable of doing that.

However, the boosting ability of the Toreador is more than just a fancy trick to use for fun. One can also use it to evade danger. Either they can outspeed a dangerous enemy, or they can evade a missile being launched at them. In either scenario, the Toreador driver will likely get by unscathed and continue with their business as usual.

#2 – Submersion capabilities

There aren’t many vehicles in GTA Online capable of submerging into a body of water like a submarine. The Toreador is one of the very few vehicles capable of doing that, making it the perfect vehicle for evading players.

If a player is on an Oppressor Mk II, they have almost no chance of killing a player deep underwater. That would then force them to use another vehicle. This coincidentally makes the Toreador the best choice for fighting other Toreadors when in water.

The Toreador also makes boats obsolete. As it can be submerged into a body of water, there is no need to own one of the many weak and slow boats in GTA Online.

The Toreador simply outclasses all of them, whilst still being a top-tier vehicle on land. Plus, players can use the Toreador’s boost to explore underwater areas faster.

#1 – It’s an excellent weaponized vehicle in the meta

Weaponized vehicles dominate the GTA Online metagame. If a player doesn’t have an armored vehicle capable of shooting rockets, they’ll most likely get destroyed effortlessly when fighting other players.

The armored aspect is the most important factor to consider in a vehicle. If a vehicle is destroyed by a single missile, it’s worthless in GTA Online.

Fortunately, the Toreador can not only survive several missiles, but it can also fire its own back at an enemy. These missiles are aggressive and highly accurate, so players driving a Toreador can easily fight back against most players in a normal GTA Online lobby.

When players consider the above attributes, it’s a no-brainer that a Toreador is one of the best vehicles to own in GTA Online.