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6 Ways to Be Better at Board Games

Even to the best of us, we know how frustrating it can be to lose against your mate in that hotly contested board game. It can make one break boards, throw cards, or the classic move that never goes out of style- flipping the table. But, worry no more as we have prepared tips that will make you the wizard that everyone talks about.

We can’t give tips on making certain leaps of intuition or even on how to think faster. But, we will provide basic tips that will make your winning more probable than it has ever been. Let’s get into it!

1. Learn All the Rules

Pretty obvious, right? Most people believe by the time they sit down to play a board game they have all the rules by the fingertips- they don’t!

Most players confess to skimming through the rules in less than a minute and assuming they get the flow. But, when you’re facing skilled opponent things might get tough on you. You might make certain mistakes that could cost you the game. Or, you might not be well-versed with moves that can move you up an extra level easily.

Knowing all the rules helps you strategize better. Without understanding all the rules, your strategies might end up becoming the laugh of the day. The rule of the thumb is, learn anything that can give you the cutting edge.

And, you learn more by teaching. It can be tiring to teach the same basics over and over but as you do, you master them to a whole new level. You will never go wrong with a mastery of the basics.

2. Be Attentive

Pay attention to what your buddies are doing. Try to understand their goals, their strategy, execution, and how best you can stop them.  Also, you get to learn a lot by watching the mistakes other players make and listening as they think aloud. At the table, this is not the right time to tweet or fiddle with the cards. Be present! One sure way to win is to always know what is going on and being present when every move is made. Don’t zone out, and you will have a better chance of knowing someone’s strategy.

3. Basic Math Is Your Friend

This is especially vital in games like Euro-games where small and quick calculations make all the difference.

But, even in board games where numbers are the primary objective like Monopoly, certain calculations are needed to make winning more probable. You might need calculations to better figure out the next move to make or what to buy at a particular point. It will help you in a board game sooner than later, learn the math basics.

4. Search the Web for Strategies

In most cases, your opponent might consider this unfair play. But sometimes what matters is the help and not the source of it, right? If you’ve had a poor run in the game this can be a great option.

Several places could help you enhance your strategies. YouTube channels and other video-sharing platforms also offer help. It could be the first time you are playing the game or just a regular game night- learning strategies is a habit for sore winners.

Most board gamers fear playing against people that use these strategies. For instance, people that use the internet for anagram solutions end up making Scrabble a one-sided game. Sometimes, they “spoil” the game by winning all the time.

Winners know that they need to look for the best strategies to win. And sometimes, the internet is the best place to do so. But, to make the game night more competitive you could let your friends be aware of the strategies. Make it fun!

5. Practice First

Be sure to first play a getaway game. This is the kind of game that helps beginners learn faster and in a fun way.

We know what you’re thinking. But, simpler games don’t necessarily mean bad games. By first playing getaway games, you get used to playing your favorite board game and give you the skill you need to face off the pros. They expose you to strategies and mechanisms like card-play, drafting, bluffing, and resource management. Also, it becomes easier for you to play in more competitive games as you’ll have learned of all the mechanisms and how best to combine your strategy.

Complicated games have a lot that you might need to understand and remember. Regular practice is what gives you a better chance of winning.

6. Study Your Cards

Make sure you read the card from the very beginning of the game. Ask where the details are not crystal-clear.

Making sure that you know all the dynamics of the game from the onset will be the deciding factor whether you’ll be a winner or a loser. Read the cards carefully, formulate mental notes, and formulate the combination of strategies that you think would work best.

There are some games that you’ll have to understand the whole gist of it before making a single move; otherwise, you might lose in a moment.

Losing at the card symbols or just reading the text can make your game night more amazing. Make it a habit of reading the fine print before making a single move.

Everything has failed? Just have fun the best way you can.

Winning sometimes can be evasive. It could be unfortunate card picks, bad players, or bad dice rolls for the night- it just doesn’t make sense. When you have such a night, relax, smile, and make it an objective to have fun. Don’t beat yourself or flip the table. It won’t change much.

There are still lessons to be learned even in loss. Take the lessons and come back with greater strategies. But, giving up should not be an option. Winners don’t let a poor short-run cloud their judgment. Board games are meant for fun and creating memories. Don’t get upset. Instead, play for fun. Use these tips to revolutionize your gaming experience, Good luck, and have fun.