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A ‘Better Ending’ For The Last of Us 2 Wouldn’t Have Worked

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of those very divisive games that people often either end up loving or putting back on the shelf, and that’s most likely due to two major events that happen within the storyline and to one single design choice made by Naughty Dog. When the game first came out there had been several leaks and rumors already about the possibility that Joel, the character players learned to love and empathize with the most during the first game, could end up being killed. To the dismay of many fans, this proved to be the case.

The death of Joel, as brutal and inhumane as it was, is the inciting incident for The Last of Us Part 2‘s narrative, and it happens suddenly after less than a single hour into the game. Joel dying sets the mood for the entire game, and numerous players felt terrible about his demise. With Ellie forced to look while a strange woman, Abby, kills her father figure with a golf club is pretty much the same position players found themselves in, having to witness all that and being powerless about it, too. For this very reason, when players get to play as Ellie they feel things that may probably align with the way Ellie is feeling in the story, and as such, playing as her becomes second nature rather quickly.