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Amber Heard a laughing stock after Johnny Depp ‘scissor fingers’ remark

Amber Heard has become subject to criticism yet again after her recent statement on Johnny Depp’s acting.

Speaking on the Today Show, Heard responded to social media reaction over her testimony against ex-husband in Virginia court, after which she was mocked giving ‘performance of a life time.’

When host Savannah Guthrie asked her opinion on the headlines, Heard replied referencing to Depp’s character in Edward Scissorhands: “Says the lawyer, for the man who convinced the world he had scissors for fingers.”

After a brief pause, the Aquaman star continued: “I’m the performer? I had listened to weeks of testimony insinuating that, or saying quite directly, that I’m a terrible actress,” Heard continued, “So I’m a bit confused how I could be both.”

Responding the her statement, netizens was quick to respond to troll the actress on the internet.

“Protect the man with scissors for hands at all costs, especially at the cost of a woman’s right to speak to her experiences,” wrote a fan.

“At this point i think amber heard believes she was in a relationship with Edward Scissorhands,” mocked one.

“No one believed Edward Scissorhands was a real person,” quipped another.

 “She is implying the jury saw Johnny Depp and Edward Scissorhands synonymously,” joked a third.