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Among Us Developer Asks For Opinions On Airship Toilet Task

Among Us’ Airship map introduced several new tasks, including the infamous toilet cleaning chore, which has recently become the focus of a Twitter poll from the developers. It’s led some to wonder if the task might be adjusted, but the most recent update was focused on fixing bugs and introducing quality-of-life features.

The latest Among Us update has addressed the annoying “pink crewmate” glitch, which previously resulted in turning characters into weirdly shaped pinkish blobs on Android devices. As a result, crewmates were prevented from correctly identifying players or even seeing them during live gameplay. Luckily, the bug is finally gone, and the update also introduced proper Twitch and Discord integration on mobile devices to boot.

After adding the new Airship map to Among Us over a month ago, InnerSloth has decided to gather players’ opinions regarding one of the tasks introduced to the game. On Twitter, the developers asked how gamers were feeling about cleaning toilets in Among Us, accompanying the question with unsettling gameplay footage of the task. It appears that the community was mostly entertained by the new addition to the social deduction game, going as far as calling this particular task the best in the entirety of the Among Us experience. Funnily enough, during the discussion on Twitter, it’s been revealed that InnerSloth’s co-founder and one of the creators of Among Us was responsible for recording the disturbing plunge noises for the toilet task. “Ah yes, my mouth sounds,” posted the developer in response to the thread.

Among Us has recently been treated to an incredible set of official memorabilia included in the Collector’s Edition of the game. Courtesy of the manufacturer Limited Run Games, the enticing package comes with a real-life emergency button that fans will definitely appreciate when calling a family meeting or assembling coworkers at the office. Judging by the players’ response to the toilet task, a collectible model of an in-game plunger could also be a welcome addition to the Collector’s Edition.

Although InnerSloth’s decision to ask the community for opinions on the Among Us’ slightly disturbing task is probably just a random PR move, there could be more to the story. Perhaps the devs received a troubling piece of feedback from someone who found the innocent toilet labor offensive, and before taking any action, the team could’ve decided to do some market research to determine if the rest of the player base thought the same. Luckily, the overwhelmingly positive response from players clearly indicates that the toilet task is among their favorites, which will hopefully justify adding more silly stuff like it in the future.