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Among Us: Pros & Cons Of The Coming Art Style Revamp

One of the most popular elements of Among Us is its visual style – while simple and rough around the edges, it’s also immediately recognizable and charming. Its iconic Crewmates have been widely imitated, parodied, and inserted into fan art. As a part of a future update, however, developer InnerSloth is working on revamped artwork, which may carry both positive and negative aspects for fans.

InnerSloth was a small studio when it launched Among Us in 2018, which is part of why the game looks the way it does. Minimalist 2D art is easier to produce while still being endearing, if done with flair. The company didn’t have a large budget, so while it succeeded on the flair part, there are literal rough edges in some of the characters and objects, and animation can sometimes be stiff. It’s not fully clear what the revamp will entail, although InnerSloth has promised “cleaner lines” along with an “easier animation process” that should streamline things on the backend.

The obvious positive to this change, announced in a recent InnerSloth blog post, is a more refined look. However popular the game might be, it doesn’t necessarily look like a global blockbuster. Even regular players might be a bit put off by its graphics if they compare it to other multiplayer options like Apex Legends or Fortnite. Better graphics do mean better appeal if they’re executed correctly.

What Downsides Could There Be To Changing Among Us’ Art?

Conversely, some players might not want a blockbuster aesthetic. Part of the game’s charm is that it is unpolished – it found more success after Twitch and YouTube streamers started playing it years after its debut. An art style revamp might improve it, but this also makes it one step removed from the pleasant indie surprise people came to love. Some players might prefer that InnerSloth focus on adding more maps and tasks, though of course that in itself is changing the nature of the game.

Ultimately, the reaction of the fanbase will depend on just how dramatically the art changes. If InnerSloth only cleans up the existing art, the effect may be underwhelming – yet satisfying to the nostalgia crowd. A true redesign does risk alienating those longtime players, but if pulled off properly, it could win both their hearts and the ones of gamers who previously didn’t like the art style of Among Us, making the new update worth the wait.