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Anime Fan Remixes Attack On Titan Themes In 8-Bit Style

Attack on Titan is wrapping up its final moments, both in the anime and manga.  Fans of the anime can expect a lengthy feature or perhaps a second string of episodes to bring the show up to speed next year, but until the series returns, one fan has soothed our wait by creating 8-bit music out of the anime’s iconic opening themes.

Isayama’s narrative recently took us into unfamiliar territory before meeting up with our comrades again, which made the delay of episode 73 hard to hear. Japan suffered an earthquake just off the coast, which inevitably delayed the episode in favor of broadcasting coverage. However, when it finally aired, fans were relieved to be reacquainted with their anxiety over how the story would conclude (for now), whilst headbanging to the show’s new opening theme.

Another fan who appreciates Attack on Titan’s powerful score is chiptune musician and YouTuber Musikage, who has remixed the show’s opening themes into 8-bit tracks. Everything from the classic Guren no Yumiya to the Survey Corps anthem Shinzou wo Sasageyo was covered. The show’s newest theme, My War, was also included in the playlist, and each track featured its own custom-made, 8-bit thumbnail – including a mock cover of a NES game called Titan Attack and a preview of what an Attack on Titan Game Boy start screen would look like.

Even though Attack on Titan has a few released games, one developer and fan is currently working on his own first-person game. Using Unreal Engine and aiming for an alpha release on PC soon, the game is set to include first-person combat, multiplayer, and plenty of ODM action within Titan territory. Time trial maps will be another feature of the game, but your survival will depend on your skills as a scout and if you can avoid the jaws of those 15-metre Titans.

Attack on Titan fans will no doubt be grieving over the manga’s end, but WIT Studio is already working on a new anime. Great Pretender will be airing on Netflix in Japan from June 2, and will debut confidence man Makoto Edamura and his life of swindling.