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Apex Legends Mobile Download Link, Check how to play & System Requirements

Apex Legends Mobile Download Link, Check how to play & System Requirements. The long wait has come to an end  & Apex Legends mobile is finally available on Google Play Store for those who pre-registered for the game. Recently, Respawn Entertainment announced the closed beta release of Apex Legends Mobile. Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game set in a futuristic world. Follow the article for the Download link & more information about early access.

Apex Legends Mobile Download Link

The game will cost you 1.34 GB of Internal Storage. Like its PC Counterpart, Apex Legends Mobile is available for free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

To download Apex Legends Mobile click here


  • The game will only be available if the current version is supported by your device. Otherwise, a notice will appear that states Your device isn’t compatible with the version”
  • Moreover, If you download the OBB file and APK from a third-party store or website or any sources, you will not be able to play the game. Many players getting this message for using third-party sources to Install the game.
Apex Legends Mobile Download: Third Party Error
Apex Legends Mobile Download: Third-Party Error

Apex Legends Mobile: Requirements

According to IGN, the requirements include an A11 Bionic and above for iOS which implies that an iPhone 8 and above would be enough to run Apex Legends Mobile. As for Android devices, users who own a Snapdragon 625 or above processor can run the game on their devices.

Apex Legends Mobile: Gameplay

Firstly, it is not your regular battle royale as the game features an array of robust upgrades & improvised combat mechanisms. The game has set a new standard in gaming when it comes to advanced gunfights. Furthermore, the special abilities of each character make the role of any teammate more important. Each player in Apex Legends must be skilled in certain aspects of the game if they wish to make them useful in a team.

Apex Legends Characters
Apex Legends Characters

In Apex Legends, the battle royale matches are played among 20 teams with each squad consisting of three players/legends. Use the unique abilities of your characters to survive in the diverting worlds of Olympus, World’s Edge & Kings Canyon.