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Apex Legends: Pariah Legend Leaks – Will Valk Still Be Next?

A brand new Legend has been leaked for Apex Legends, Pariah is expected to join the Battle Royale at some point in the future. However, many players are still pateintly waiting for Valk to be added into the game. Which Legend will come first?

We’ve put together everything we know about Pariah and Valk, including which Legend will likely be added into Apex Legends next.

There’s also a brand new War Games Event currently taking place in Apex Legends, for those that may not be aware, check out the trailer below for more details.

Pariah Legend Leaks

Popular Apex Legends leaker and data miner, @Biast12, has leaked the abilities and legendary skin names for the upcoming Legend, Pariah. Below you will find the leaked Abilities and Skin Names.

Pariah Abilities

  • ULTIMATE: Pariah activates a SDM device releasing a flurry of steam in all directions but becomes unable to move, steam causes burn damage directly to health.
  • TACTICAL: Throw a sonar grenade revealing enemies in it’s area of effect. Grenade lasts for 15 seconds.
  • PASSIVE: Pariah can see enemy health bars. Pariah is also immune to stunning effects and SDM steam.

Pariah Legendary Skins

  • Secret Service
  • Lost Archive
  • Phantom Edge
  • Chimera

It’s important to note that the name of the skins could easily change by the time of release, and Biast12 also didn’t leak any of the textures to go along with the names.

Make sure to check out @Biast12 on Twitter to see all of the latest Apex Legends leaks.

Valk Legend Leaks

Below you will find the leaked abilities and legendary skin names of the upcoming Legend, Valk. Leaks are courtesy of both @that1miningguy and @Biast12.

Valk Abilities

  • ULTIMATE: Valk and nearby allies take to the skies after a short countdown
  • TACTICAL: Vtol Jets – Hold to hover.
  • PASSIVE: After the initial drop, Valk and her teammates fly faster while sky diving.

Valk Legendary Skins

  • Aerial Support
  • Choke Uplift
  • Valhalla Descent
  • Warrior’s Justice

Which Will Come First?

So which of the two leaked Legends will be joining the Battle Royale title first? Well, nothing is confirmed by Respawn Entertainment so it’s all simply speculation as of writing.

However, considering Valk was leaked quite some time ago, we expect Valk to be joining Apex Legends before Pariah.

Apex Legends leaker Biast12 also believes Valk will still be next.

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Season 9 is set to begin on the 4th of May, so expect a lot of leaks and news in the coming weeks!