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Attack On Titan: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

The story of Attack on Titan came to a conclusion in April 2021 — although it left several themes unexplored, its brilliantly fleshed-out characters and their intimate relationships with themselves and each other was worth the wait. Most of the characters in the narrative are generally good, at least in terms of their apocalyptic universe, but they also exhibit rather human tendencies like greed, rage, and envy.

Fans have immensely enjoyed the personal journeys taken by their beloved characters, regardless of whether they are killed off or survive past the ending. It may not be very easy to relate to people who have committed the worst atrocities against humanity, but the fact that all of them are powered by a unique set of motivations is both encouraging and admirable (to a point).

Captain Levi — Fiery And Soft-Hearted

Captain Levi’s temper, however fearsome, poses no real threat to his squad (or anyone else, for that matter). He reserves almost all of his rage for the Titans beyond the Walls, earning his name as the greatest soldier in Paradis.

Levi’s most ardent fans are likely to be fiery, quick to action, and, perhaps, possess a darkly bizarre sense of humor. That being said, the Captain of the Scout Regiment has shown himself to be quite a gentle soul on more than one occasion — even if he prefers to be seen as hard as nails.

Reiner Braun — Loyal And Indefatigable

The narrative makes it clear that Reiner’s decision to become an Armored Titan was hardly his own, but depended on how much it would help the status of his Eldian family living in Marley.

His loyalty, while biased, is powerful enough to keep him running all the way to the end of the manga, never losing steam once. Those who see themselves in Reiner are certain to be devoted to their respective causes, despite how many terrible hands life may cast at them.

Hange Zoë — Irreverent And Generous

Hange’s perception as a genius scientist isn’t without merit: they’re pretty much the only person in Paradis capable of understanding what makes Titans tick and exhibits no fear in front of their test subjects.

Their academic mind isn’t their only notable feature, though; they rarely behave as seriously as is expected from someone in their position. Hange fans aren’t the kind who would allow their thoughts and ideas to be colored by others’ opinions, not to mention how kind and generous they would be towards those in need.

Erwin Smith — Smart And Strong-Willed

Erwin’s strategizing is one of the major reasons that the heroes of Paradis get anywhere at the end. It is all the more impressive that his plans carry the plot forward even though he doesn’t survive until the conclusion.

Erwin’s conviction is probably his most respectable quality, one that is reflected in viewers who consider him to be their favorite character. While he doesn’t exactly reveal the depth of his emotions for the longest time, Erwin’s march on the Beast Titan will be remembered throughout history.

Historia Reiss — Strong And Tender

It’s not very easy to balance the opposing traits of strength and tenderness in one person, but Historia makes it look like child’s play. As Krista, she prefers to keep to herself and avoid most interactions (except with Ymir), but the revelation of her true identity doesn’t just shift the tides of the story.

It transforms her from a timid girl to the most powerful person on the island, Queen Historia. Her fans are likely to be people who have undergone a similar metamorphosis.

Zeke Jaeger — Enthusiastic And Hopeful

Eren’s older half-brother, Zeke Jaeger, controls the Beast Titan, understanding exactly how to manifest its various powers to a magnificent degree.

He might have betrayed his parents as a child, but Zeke matures into a somewhat sensible man whose unfortunate childhood is the cause behind his bombastic (and horrifying) idea: Eldian Euthanization. Those who identify with Zeke are, although burdened by their pasts, eager and enthusiastic about their futures.

Gabi Braun — Focused And Undaunted

Gabi Braun is introduced as a brash youngster with an iron gut and an ingrained sense of fatalism (making her, ironically, almost identical to Eren.) She knows exactly what she wants, but she sometimes fails with respect to completing her self-assigned missions.

Gabi has as many haters as she has admirers, but this is just evidence of a truly complex character who insists on living life her way. If her fans are anything like her, they tend to face their challenges head-on, without waiting for others to save them first.

Armin Arlert — Compassionate And Intelligent

Armin naturally expresses his wonder at the beauty of the world around him, which sadly leaves him open to bullying in a world whose focus on survival eclipses freedom of expression. Like Eren and Mikasa, he discovers that the secret to continue fighting is nothing more than getting up after falling down, no matter how many times it happens.

Armin is the best choice to be both the Colossus Titan and the 15th Commander of the Scout Regiment, simply because he refuses to choose between the smart choice and the empathetic one — his fans can easily relate.

Mikasa Ackermann — Steadfast And Protective

Mikasa is an immovable rock when it comes to Eren, and nearly every life decision she makes revolves around the peace of mind and safety of her childhood best friend. In fact, there is little that can ruffle her enough to alter her expression, let alone cause her distress.

Mikasa’s fans are probably going to be supremely dedicated in one or more aspects of their lives, as well as highly protective of people that are close to them.

Eren Jaeger — Fiercely Determined

The origin of Eren’s hatred for the Titans can be traced back to a single point — when the Smiling Titan (who is apparently his father’s ex-wife, Dina Fritz) kills and eats his mother in front of him.

Over time and training, Eren’s rage bursts have been greatly minimized, slowly fermenting into an unbreakable determination. His willpower and tenacity, likely expressed by Eren’s fans, ultimately leads to The Rumbling, a rather gruesome fate for the entire world.