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Binance (BNB) Crypto Alert: What to Know as BNB Tanks, CEO Calls ‘FUD’

Another crypto is feeling bearish pressure on Thursday. This time, Binance (CCC:BNB-USD) is feeling the heat, following a big piece of news. On top of the BNB crypto drama, the company’s CEO is taking to Twitter to address what he sees as “FUD.”

Binance and its investors are on high alert this afternoon. According to Bloomberg, the Binance exchange is under investigation by both the IRS and the U.S. Department of Justice. The probe is confidential, so sources with information on the matter are anonymous, but say the goal is for the government entities to get insight into Binance’s business dealings.

The news is a big deal for the cryptocurrency. It is a new and significant attempt for the government to involve itself in the dealings of an unregulated market. Combine regulation concerns with outcry over crypto’s environmental impact and the recently proved volatility of altcoins, and it’s easy to see the market is shaken.

Binance has taken a hit in the wake of the news. The price of the Binance coin BNB is down 12% on an already bearish day for crypto. The news is also causing other plays to lose in sympathyBitcoin’s (CCC:BTC-USD) slight rebound since yesterday has been undone, with the coin resting at $49,000. Crypto exchange Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) fell 11% as well.

Changpeng Zhao Defends the Binance (BNB) Crypto

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has responded to the Bloomberg report via social media, taking fault with how the story was framed. He then encouraged his followers to unsubscribe from any sources of Binance “FUD,” articles that sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The official Binance Twitter account is also taking a stand. Replying to Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Crypto account, the exchange says it take its legal obligations “very seriously,” and that it has a strong track record of assisting law enforcement agencies around the world.