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Bloodborne: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lady Maria

Bloodborne is a FromSoftware game that came out in 2015. Right after the game was released, it was immediately met with critical acclaim. Fans of the Souls series loved the game for its derivation from the studio’s Dark Souls trilogy, while still remaining familiar in essence.

There are so many reasons to love Bloodborne. Its gameplay is immersive, its difficulty is very unforgiving, much to the delight of those who love a decent challenge, and its lore runs very deep. One character that makes the story of Bloodborne so much more interesting than it already is is Lady Maria. Upon initial glance, one can already surmise that there’s a deep story behind this character.

The Corpse That Should Be Left Well Alone

When you first encounter Lady Maria at the Astral Clocktower, her first words will already catch your attention in an incredible way. She will say to you, “A corpse should be left well alone”. It’s a very fitting sentence to utter, given the fact that Maria will appear as a corpse sitting on a chair when you approach her.

However, the “corpse” Lady Maria is referring to here is not herself, but the washed-up Great One on the shores of the Fishing Hamlet. Lady Maria knows well that the path you’re on will lead to Kos and her Orphan, unless she stops you, which so attempts to do so valiantly and desperately.

She’s Related To The Queen Of Cainhurst

Before living a life as a hunter that roamed around Yharnam and its neighboring areas with Gehrman and the other hunters, Lady Maria was a citizen of Cainhurst. As it turns out, Lady Maria wasn’t just an ordinary occupant of the land, she was related to the Queen herself, Queen Annalise.

This explains Lady Maria’s affinity to blood magic. Even after she attempted to end her own life, she remains alive and conscious. However, it is apparent that she is indeed dead in the real world, and was only pulled to the Nightmare after she ended her life.

She Despises Blood Magic

Despite being a citizen of Cainhurst and being related to the queen, Lady Maria seems to abhor the use of blood magic. According to the description of the Rakuyo, Lady Maria favors this weapon as it solely relies on the wielder’s dexterity and didn’t rely on blood magic.

Despite her beliefs towards blood magic, she ends up resorting to this practice during her fight with the player. This isn’t an uncharacteristic move. The reason why Lady Maria does this is that she is so desperate to stop you that she’s willing to use a power she despises.

There Is A Cut Content Involving Lady Maria

Lady Maria’s introduction in the DLC was very well done. Her dialogue was perfect. She exuded mystery and terror, yet there’s an air of familiarity about her, which you should later realize is due to her and the Doll being connected. However, that wasn’t always the case for her character.

In a cut content discovered by a YouTuber by the name of Lance McDonald, Lady Maria would have been alive when you first discover her. She even has additional dialogue. She will tell you about your experiences in the Nightmare and how you liberated those who are trapped within. You are then given the chance to kill her or let her be and Simon will do it instead. What follows after is the same thing that plays out in the final version.

Lady Maria And Gehrman

It is a well-known fact that Lady Maria trained under Gehrman. It also seems that during their time together, Gehrman began to take a liking to her and considers her as his favorite student. There are a couple of details about the two that point to their time training together.

Lady Maria’s animation once she gets defeated looks very similar to that of Gehrman’s. They will reach up to the sky before falling and disintegrating. They are also the only two characters in the game who can use the art of quickening without using an Old Hunter Bone.

Lady Maria’s Remains

It is highly believed that the remains of Lady Maria are located in the Old Hunter’s Workshop. If you visit the actual workshop underneath the Healing Church, you will find the Old Hunter’s Bone hunter tool on a grave. It is widely believed that this grave belongs to Lady Maria.

It is also believed that the Old Hunter’s Bone you pick up in this area belonged to Maria as she has the ability to do the art of quickening. Furthermore, the grave in the Hunter’s Dream that leads to the Hunter’s Nightmare is the one that is believed to be Maria’s grave. This implies that the Nightmare belongs to Maria, just as the Dream belongs to Gehrman.

As Gentle As The Doll

When Lady Maria ended her own life, it left Gehrman, her mentor who admired her greatly, incredibly distraught. As a result, he fashioned a plain doll in Lady Maria’s image, and the Great One The Moon Presence gave it life.

Interestingly, when you first encounter Lady Maria, the way she will let go of your hand is eerily similar to how the Doll holds your hand when she gives you strength. There are also other signs of Lady Maria’s gentle and graceful demeanor, like the unique way she performs a visceral attack, where she almost hugs the player after stabbing them.

Lady Maria And The Astral Clock

Lady Maria’s resting place is the Astral Clock. Lady Maria is situated right before the Fishing Hamlet as it is her desire that nobody enters this area again in the Nightmare. In the real world, it is where she ended her own life after throwing her Rakuyo into the well.

Speaking of the Rakuyo, Lady Maria’s weapon seems like it takes inspiration from the hands of the Astral Clock. The way she moves and attacks during the fight also mirrors the hands of a clock.

Lady Maria’s Theme

One of the most incredible things about Bloodborne, and FromSoftware’s other titles, are their incredible soundtrack. They add atmosphere and layer to the experience and each boss will always come with their own original soundtrack. It’s the same for Lady Maria.

Lady Maria’s original soundtrack isn’t only incredible for its wonderful, melancholic, and epic melody, but also for its lyrics. Although the lyrics are written in Latin, if you translate the words into English, it talks about a deceived hunter who is forced to do wicked acts of violence.

She Helped Eradicate The Fishing Hamlet

During one of Byrgenwerth’s search for the eldritch truth, they happened upon a fishing hamlet with a washed-up Great One on its shores. Upon reaching the hamlet, they eradicated and did experiments on its inhabitants. One of those who came along for the ride was Lady Maria.

It was this moment that led to Maria’s downfall. She realized the wickedness of their actions and she couldn’t take it any further. She threw her Rakuyo into a well at the hamlet, ended her own life at the Astral Clocktower, and her Nightmare would be to guard it for eternity until someone else frees her from this fate.