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BMW Uses Gaming Tech To Design Virtual Factories

Nvidia is revolutionizing how car manufacturers are designing their production plants.

Nvidia is commonly associated with the video games industry, producing graphics processing units for computers and games consoles. More recently, it has used its technological expertise to innovate the automotive industry. Nvidia GPUs power the revolutionary MBUX infotainment system in the new Mercedes S-Class and Hyundai uses the Nvidia Platform for its AI-based infotainment system.

Now, BMW is teaming up with Nvidia to revolutionize virtual factory planning with the Omniverse platform, much like how virtual reality has aided car design. Virtual factory planning is already widely used in the auto industry, but Nvidia’s Omniverse platform “allows real-time collaboration with unrestricted compatibility.”

Traditional digital planning platforms require data to be imported from various applications, which is time-consuming and can also cause software compatibility issues. Consequently, the data is not always up to date. To streamline this process, Nvidia’s Omniverse platform allows live data to be collected from all the relevant databases to create a joint simulation, eliminating the need to reimport data when adjustments need to be made.

With these new digital tools, complex production systems can be planned more quickly and accurately without any compatibility issues.

Thanks to the platform’s photorealistic graphics, these virtual factories can be visualized more accurately than ever before. Another advantage of the platform is that employees at different sites working in different time zones can access the virtual simulation at any time and work together to make changes to a process or production system.

“Together we’re about to make a huge leap forward and open up completely new perspectives in the field of virtual, digital planning,” said Milan Nedeljkovic, BMW AG Board Member for Production. “In the future, a virtual representation of our production network will allow us to realize an innovative, integrated approach to our planning processes. Omniverse greatly enhances the precision, speed and consequently the efficiency of our planning processes.”