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Call of Duty: Warzone: How to fix ‘Match Started Loading Level’ error 2021 Guide

Call of Duty: Warzone past updates brought a few issues with them that caused players to disconnect from matchmaking games. The latest that players are encountering is the ‘Match Started Loading Level’ error.

This bug surfaced in previous Call of Duty games, such as Modern Warfare. While this issue has just plagued Warzone players, a couple of quick fixes can solve this issue with little effort.

Warzone ‘Match Started Loading Level’ error solutions

First off, make sure that the game itself is fully updated and installed correctly. Frequently, Steam updates don’t download correctly for some reason. This could prevent the matchmaking system from loading players in. If launched from the Blizzard platform, check for updates as well to ensure the latest version of the game is installed.

Another broad issue that could spark this lies on Activision’s end with their server status. Check to see if all platform servers are up and running before tearing your hair out in defeat.

Activision Servers

The ‘Match Started Loading Level’ error for Warzone can also occur due to the firewall settings on PC. To fix this issue, locate the anti-virus software icon on the bottom taskbar, go into advanced settings, and make an exception for Warzone. This will allow the program to bypass the firewall if the update created a reason for the software to block it.

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If all of the above fails, verify the file integrity for Warzone through Steam. To do this, navigate to the Steam library and right-click on Warzone. From there, select Properties on the small menu. The third tab from the top of the Properties window should be labeled Local Files. Click on this and select the middle option that says ‘Verify the integrity of game files.’ Wait until the verification is complete and reboot the game.

Image Credits: Steam
Image Credits: Steam

Having a good internet connection is a crucial step to playing high-performance games like Warzone. The best way to get the fastest connection is to use an ethernet cable. Sometimes, the Warzone matchmaking system will crash the game if the player’s internet connection isn’t strong enough.

The last resort option is to delete all Warzone game data and reinstall it. Redownloading games solves quite a few issues, but it’s only worth it if the player is willing to wait.