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DC Comics: 10 Coolest Justice Leagues On Other Earths

Since DC introduced the multiverse, it’s undergone no shortage of changes. They got rid of it with Crisis on Infinite Earths, but it still managed to make a come back because the concept is just too appealing. The idea of there being other heroes almost like the ones that have been published for years, only slightly different in one way or another, allows for even more inventive stories to tell.

For years, the new multiverse was shrouded in mystery, but with the release of Multiversity, fans were finally given a proper map to the entire multiverse.  Since then, DC has given just a little focus to a small number of these universes, where some versions of their biggest super-team are arguably even cooler than the main Earth’s iteration.

The Justice Guild Are From A Planet Of Gender-Reversed Heroes

On Earth-11, everyone’s gender has been swapped. So instead of Batman you have Batwoman, instead of Wonder Woman you have Wonderous Man, and instead of Green Lantern they have Star Sapphire who plays the hero instead of the villain she is in the normal timeline.

They haven’t made very many appearances, though recently they appeared in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse, where the characters were a bit more fleshed out. Allowing the normally male-dominated team to consist largely of women is not only a nice change of pace, it allows for characters we don’t normally see to get a focus, like Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire.

Justice League Beyond Are The Justice League From The Batman Beyond Timeline

Probably the most well-known Justice League outside of the original because they appeared in the animated series Batman Beyond are Justice League Beyond.

The team has a nice mix of descendants like Batman and Green Lantern, while also mixing in classic heroes like Big Barda and Superman as well. This Earth also means the DC Animated Universe is canon within the DC multiverse, which in itself should make ’90s kids extremely happy.

The Just Are The ’90s And 2000s Heroes Having Taken Over For Their Parents

Earth-16’s The Just are introduced in Morrison’s Multiversity. On this Earth, Jon and Damian Kent are allowed to grow up and become Superman and Batman, and are referred to as the Super-Sons. Meanwhile, there’s a new generation of heroes including Sister Miracle, Arrowette, Megamorpho, and Offspring.

This world is another world where the heroes definitively won, leaving the next generation with little to do but enjoy a life of celebrity. If nothing else, this Earth acknowledges all the ’90s heroes.

League Of Shadows Are The Justice League Of Mages

What if the Justice League Dark were the only heroes, there wasn’t a regular JLA, and all the villains were magical? What if Superman didn’t have a weakness to magic, but was made of magic himself?

The League of Shadows consists of a collection of mages that includes Etrigan the Demon as Superdemon, with Ragman, Enchantress, Swamp-Man and more working together to protect the planet. Most recently, they rescued the planet and themselves from a group of deities who forced them all to fight in the hopes of sacrificing them for their own power.

The Justice Riders Are From A World Trapped In The Western Frontier Era

What’s cooler than the Justice League in a Western setting? The explanation is that, on this Earth, time has been frozen by the Time Trapper technologically and culturally. Despite this they create their own versions of tech for air travel and the internet.

This team was based off the Elseworlds comic known as The Justice Riders, but that team was literally just a version of the Justice League trapped in the distant past. This team has its own original characters like the Trigger Twins, Firehair, and Tomahawkman— allowing them to find their own identity separate from the heroes fans have known forever.

Society Of Super-Heroes Of Earth-20 Combine Pulp Ideas With Superhero Action

The Society of Super-Heroes are the heroes of Earth-20. On their world, Doc Fate works together with Abin Sur (Green Lantern), The Mighty Atom, Immortal Man, and Lady Blackhawk and the Blackhawks.

This universe is clearly a shout-out to the pulp heroes that came out just before superheroes existed, with Doc Fate being an obvious reference to Doc Savage. A wonderful blend of the old and the new, the Society of Super-Heroes should’ve had a mini-series to give their world the chance to develop more.

The Justice League Of Earth-23 Centers Around The DC Universe’s Black Heroes

On Earth-23, Calvin Ellis inspired a generation of black superheroes to emerge and form a Justice League. Over the years DC has made multiple attempts at making the DC Universe more diverse, and that’s part of what makes Earth-23 so fascinating.

It isn’t just that the lead characters of this world are “the Justice League, but black.” Instead, this League places heroes like Nubia (who was originally Wonder Woman’s sister), Superman’s partner Steel, legacy hero Mister Miracle, model/activist Vixen, and gold medal Olympian/teacher Black Lightning— heroes who were always black— at the forefront instead of being considered third-string.

The Metal League Combines The Justice League With Doc Will Magnus’ Metal Men

“There were no superheroes— there was no one to save the world— so I built them.” That’s what led to Doctor Will Tornado creating the Metal League, a collection of heroes that combine the Justice League with the Metal Men.

On this world, Superman is made of Gold and Wonder Woman is made of Platinum, but none of them are any less heroic than they are on the main Earth.

The Zoo Crew Are The Cartoon Heroes Of Earth-26

No, they don’t make sense. But does anyone really need them to? Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew were part of the original multiverse, though they existed on the hilarious world of Earth C-Minus. The entire world was destroyed, but according to Multiversity the fact that they’re made of cartoon physics literally allowed the entire planet to survive.

And so fans get to keep the Superman analogue Captain Carrot— a Superman bunny. The world is vastly better for this.

Justice Incarnate Combine The Most Powerful Heroes From Across The Multiverse

By far the coolest alternate version of the Justice League, Justice Incarnate is made up of heroes from across the multiverse, showing themselves able to take down a threat that would have wiped out the entire multiverse.

What makes this group so interesting is that up until recently they didn’t really have people from Earth-0 helping them out. They managed to take down threats that would normally be reserved for the “big guns” on their own, placing them on the same level as all the major heroes everyone are familiar with.