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Destiny 2 Dinosaur vs Monster Armor Winner Revealed

Last week, Bungie held its first-ever community survey to determine which new armor ornaments would be available during Destiny 2’s “Festival of the Lost” event later this year. Fans got to decide whether Dinosaurs or Movie Monsters would be the theme for 2021.

Last week’s edition of This Week at Bungie contained a lot of information ranging from events and bug fixes to Bungie’s favorite fan art. The Destiny 2 developers also showed off two sets of concept art for the possible Festival of the Lost armor ornaments. The Dinosaur set features ornaments letting players dress their Guardians up as raptors, T-rexes, and Triceratops. Meanwhile, the Movie Monster set pays homage to three classic creatures. These are like GodzillaThe Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Cyclops.

Now, all the votes are in and Bungie has announced the winner. Destiny 2 players will soon be traveling the Solar System decked out like prehistoric beasts.

Bungie’s staff claim that they were genuinely surprised by the enthusiastic response to the first-ever official survey. It seems that players are still deeply passionate about the popular looter-shooter, which is still going strong in 2021. Fans cast over 200,000 votes, far more than Bungie expected. The race was not close at all, with Dinosaurs winning in a landslide. 81% of respondents voted for Dinosaurs in the official poll, with only 19% favoring Movie Monsters.

The decisive win is excellent news for Dino fans, but Monster voters should not lose hope just yet. According to Bungie, there is still the possibility of monster ornaments appearing as part of another event somewhere down the road. The company does not have any specific plans for when this will happen, however.

Bungie intends to hold similar community polls in the future, so Destiny 2 fans will have that to look forward to. The studio notes that it will not put every future decision to a vote. Still, there will be plenty of opportunities for the Destiny 2 community to make its voice heard.

As with previous Festivals of the Lost, the 2021 event does not begin until October, so it will be some time before players can dress up as their favorite dinosaurs. Bungie encourages all players to participate in the event. However, newcomers will have to unlock the Tower and achieve 770 Power before joining. Players can purchase the Dinosaur ornaments with Silver or unlock them with Bright Dust once the event begins.

Dino decorations are not the only big news from the latest installment of This Week at Bungie. The studio also previewed the March 16th and 23rd patches, which include numerous bugfixes and rebalances for Destiny 2.