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Did XRP’s double-three correction end?

Cryptocurrency investors have decreased demand for XRP bids over the past few hours, sending prices to fresh post-crash lows of 1.09$.

But selling could continue to accelerate further should prices remain below the 1.30$ handle. 

There have been few attempts to break past the 1.20$ resistance (minor wave A low), and traders might seek opportunities lower now. 

How deep down XRPUSD might end up finding a low at will depend on what support is seen around the 1$ mark. And that low can be either an existing or a fresh low.

XRP Upside a 5-Wave Move?

With prices having failed to sustain breaks below the crash low of 0.93$ and the 50% Fibonacci retracement of the 5-wave 0.93-1.29 impulse, the overall risk sentiment could remain positive going forward.

However, a setback can be expected lower than the 61.80% and even the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement levels. 

This should line up with the main scenario of primary wave ② having completed its course in a double-three fashion. 

To insure against weakness, traders can place a safety net below the crash low. Contrary, should the impulse move prevail, the first strong resistance buyers could meet lays by the 1.618% Fibonacci expansion of waves 1-2, at $1.80.

Another Leg Down Can Be Expected

Although the alternative scenario does not suggest radical changes, it is a short-term failure that increase probabilities of moving into lower territories. 

While the main scenario is bullish, the alternative points at an incomplete 5-wave impulse in wave C of (Y), thus, bearish in the short-term. And that impulse just finished correcting in minute wave four, heading to its last and final leg to wave (Y).

Wave C of (Y) could end anywhere between the previous low of 0.93$ and 0.73$ as the latter is the 100% Fibonacci expansion of waves (W)-(X).  However, should bears become stronger and break the first barrier, they will also have to get past the base-channel lower trendline, making firm dynamic support.

Long-term Potential Looking Bright

Rejection at any of the said levels would offer a better bargain for bulls, short and long term.

Short-term traders can look at drawing their Fibonaccis once the first impulse is complete. On the other hand, long-term holders have a greater upside potential. 

Both scenarios see wave 1 only as the start of a higher degree wave impulse, intermediate wave (1), followed by a full 5-wave move in primary wave ③, which continues in ⑤.

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