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Dota 2 DPC News: Alliance defeat Team Liquid 2-1 in DPC Season 2 Europe Upper Division

Team Liquid & Alliance faced off against each other in their first game of DPC Season 2. In the Europe Upper Division Bracket, Alliance now sits on top of the table, with a 2-1 victory against Liquid earlier today. In this article, you can find all the latest details about the match.

Despite a rough start, losing Game 1 to Team Liquid in a very hard-fought contest, Alliance did not lose spirit. Liquid demolished Alliance 29-12 in 44 minutes before the GGs came out from the Radiant.

In Game 2, Liquid had a strong start, and Nikobaby, playing Sven, did not have a good one. However, he farmed his way back into the game. With a few good pickoffs along with LIMMP on the Dragon Knight, Alliance managed to tear down the lead Liquid had accumulated.

Game 3 was a clever draft by Alliance. After Liquid picked Juggernaut, Alliance picked up the Morphling. Turning Liquid’s strength on themselves, Nikobaby on the Morphling wreaked havoc, bringing Liquid to their knees.

DPC Season 2 Europe Details

The second season of DPC has begun, and OG’s new roster with Ana defeated team Brame yesterday. Earlier, Tundra defeated team Heallbear Smashers. These are the games that have happened in the Upper Division. In the Lower Divison, and No Bounty Hunter have won their first games respectively.

Season 2 of Dota Pro Circuit is slated to go on till May 19. This means fans have daily Dota 2 action for over a month.