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Facebook Dark Mode Disappears From Android & iOS Apps: Is It Gone For Good?

Facebook’s dark mode option appears to have disappeared from the Android and iPhone apps, and it currently remains unclear why or how many users are affected. The option to enable a darker theme has become increasingly popular with users and app developers, with Apple and iOS also adding their own system-wide dark theme support as well.

In recent years, the number of apps that now support dark mode has been steadily increasing. However, there are still a number of popular apps that have yet to adopt the feature or make it available on both platforms. For example, although Snapchat dark mode can be enabled on an iPhone, it has yet to arrive on Android. In Facebook’s case, the company tested the feature with users throughout 2020, before making it widely available to all users.

Although available, a number of users have recently been taking to Twitter and elsewhere to confirm an issue with Facebook’s dark mode support. Essentially, the option to enable the darker theme has disappeared completely for them. The reports indicate that this is a problem for users on both Android and iOS platforms. In addition, the removal also seems to be affecting users in multiple countries, suggesting the problem is not just tied to one location. In spite of the wide number of reports that are now surfacing, Facebook has yet to confirm what has caused the dark mode support to suddenly disappear.

Could Be A Facebook App Update Issue

Both the Android and iOS Facebook apps have received an update within the last twenty-four hours, according to the Google Play Store and App Store listings. Considering the time of the increase in reports and the recent app updates, it would not be surprising if the updates are what has removed the dark mode support. Some complaints on Down Detector also seem to be indicating the problem first suffered following an update to the app, pointing out that it is not just dark mode that’s disappeared, but the overall style has reverted back to an older version as well. With the problem seemingly affecting both operating systems, it does raise the question of whether the removal of dark mode was by accident or intentional?

If the problem is related to the latest app updates then this would also suggest that all users are not currently affected by the lack of a dark theme. For example, those who have yet to update their Facebook app might still have access. Likewise, one option to get the dark mode support back could be reverting to an older version of the Facebook app, if one’s available. Either way, until Facebook officially confirms whether it is accidental or an intentional removal, it remains unclear why dark mode has suddenly disappeared from both the Android and iOS apps, and if there are any plans for it to return soon.