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Fortnite players can now livestream their gameplay on Houseparty

Epic Games integrated Houseparty video chat in Fortnite last year in November. It is now allowing players to stream their Fortnite gameplay to Houseparty. The latest Houseparty integration is available to Fortnite players on PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Fortnite players will need to have a Houseparty account to stream their gameplay. Houseparty is available on Android and iOS. The streaming option is however available only for the above mentioned platforms. Houseparty streaming caters to a small audience of up to 9 other people.

How to livestream your Fortnite gameplay on Houseparty

First you’ll have to download the Houseparty app on your Android or iOS device.

Link your Houseparty account to your Epic Games account.

Activate ‘Fortnite Mode’ in Houseparty, and start your gameplay livestream.

Your Houseparty friends will be notified when a livestream starts.

You will also get notifications when your friends join the livestream.

There will be a water count in the middle-left of the screen displaying how many people are watching your live stream. It will be indicated with an eye icon. In Houseparty, viewers will see the eye icon in the top-left of their video cell.

If you wish to turn off Fortnite Mode streaming, and only video chat through Houseparty, you can do so by disabling it in the privacy settings. This way you will still be able to play the game and video chat with your friends through Houseparty but not livestream your gameplay.

Epic Games has also highlighted in a blog that payment information will be blocked from being streamed to Houseparty. However, the ‘Lobby’, menus and gameplay will be streamed if those screens are interacted with during the livestream.