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Genesis intros three low-profile mechanical keyboards, namely the Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB

With the same looks, the Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB mechanical keyboards by Genesis are set apart by the switches inside. The first one uses Otemu Blue, the second employs Kailh RED, and the Genesis 401 RGB sports Kailh Brown switches. The prices are 59,80 EUR (~US$71) for the 380 and 69,80 EUR (~US$83) for the 400 and 401.

Genesis Thor 400 RGB low-profile mechanical keyboard (Source: Genesis)

Although their names might suggest more obvious differences, the Genesis Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB use the same design and have the same dimensions. However, we are talking about low-profile mechanical keyboard and one essential specification is setting them apart: the type of switches used.

Without any further ado, these are the essential bits of information regarding the key switches of the aforementioned keyboards:

  • Thor 380 RGB: Outemu Blue, with an audible click sound, detectable stroke, and distinct feedback.
  • Thor 400 RGB: Kailh Red for gamers looking for linear switches.
  • Thor 401 RGB: Kailh Brown, with good feedback and nearly silent.

In all three cases above, we are talking about aluminum cases, low-profile keys, letters and signs printed using double injection, as well as N-key rollover and custom RGB illumination with 13 light modes, including the manufacturer’s own PRISMO effect.

In addition to all the above, the new Genesis Thor keyboards also feature a detachable wrist support and collapsible feet to adjust the angle as needed.

The Thor 380 has a price tag of 59,80 EUR (~US$71), while the 400 and 401 are a bit more expensive at 69,80 EUR (roughly US$83). All three should hit various online and offline retailers across the world in the coming days.

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