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Gilmore Girls: Rory And Lorelai’s 10 Best Love Interests

While Gilmore Girls focuses on Rory and Lorelai’s bond and some other adorable parenting scenes, their romantic lives are also at the forefront of the show. Both mother and daughter have many serious relationships and in the revival A Year In The Life, they both experience drama and conflict, although for different reasons. Rory is dating someone she keeps forgetting about and having an affair with an engaged Logan, and Lorelai and Luke’s wedding still hasn’t happened yet.

Fans have their favorites when it comes to Rory and Lorelai’s love interests. From Rory’s three steady partners to Lorelai’s various dates, serious and casual, these are the characters who fans like the most for the mother-daughter duo.


If Logan wasn’t a student at Yale or Rory had never met him, then perhaps she and Marty would have been an item. Sure, it would have been super awkward since he was dating her friend Lucy, but Marty and Rory did seem to have good chemistry.

Marty was deeply in love with Rory and while she said that she didn’t feel the same way, fans could see something happening between them. Marty was kind and quiet and the kind of person whom viewers could picture with Rory.


While Chilton has its good and bad parts, Rory got an incredible education there, and she got to know some of the other students along the way.

If Dean wasn’t in the picture, it’s easy to see Rory going out with Tristan. Maybe the two would have even become serious about each other. Tristan was clearly in love with Rory and they even kissed at a party… which would have been sweet if Rory wasn’t devastated over her break-up with Dean. Tristan could be a jerk and he needed to check his privilege, but perhaps Rory could have inspired him to be a better person.


Alex is the least memorable of Lorelai’s love interests but still a good contender. After meeting at a seminar, they began seeing each other, but they never got serious or seemed to have endgame potential.

At first, Alex seemed like a great match for Lorelai as he was trying to open a cafe and, of course, her love for coffee is unmatched by most TV characters. But this love story definitely wasn’t meant to be and she moved on quickly.


Many fans love watching Christopher and Lorelai together and they definitely had a lot of history (and emotional baggage).

Christopher is one of Lorelai’s best love interests as he seems to really understand who she is. He doesn’t want her to change and become like their fancy families, and he, of course, loves their daughter. The two characters have some adorable scenes together and they have a childlike personality in common, which has its pros and cons. Christopher tries to commit to Lorelai but it just isn’t meant to be.


Jason is another one of Lorelai’s major love interests on Gilmore Girls. He’s definitely not as beloved as Luke or Christopher, or even Max, but he does have less baggage than Christopher and seems like a more legitimate partner. Everyone calls him “Digger,” which is charming and he seems to love Lorelai’s intelligence and free-spirited nature.

Jason and Lorelai enjoy a fun relationship until he sues Richard, and Lorelai realizes that this isn’t going to work out.


Logan and Rory had many problems which lead fans to debate how good their relationship really was. On the one hand, they were in love and they proved that they wanted to commit to each other. On the other hand, Logan was conceited at times, nowhere near as smart and ambitious as Rory, and part of a difficult rich family.

Logan is a fan-favorite love interest for Rory and the debate will always rage on, especially since in the revival, the two are still together… although Logan is engaged, making things even more complicated. Logan will always be considered one of the best people who had Rory’s heart, as he brought fun and spunk to her world.


As Rory’s first love, it’s no wonder that Gilmore Girls fans love Dean so much. Like Logan, he has his positive and negative traits, and the couple shares some sweet and some awkward scenes on the show.

Dean and Rory are well-matched in some ways as they’re both kind-hearted and they enjoy spending time together. But Dean isn’t as well-read as Rory, and he sometimes struggles to find a place in her world of academia and ambition. It doesn’t feel like their romance could last beyond high school, but it’s a really solid relationship while it lasts.


Max is another favorite love interest for Lorelai. It’s interesting to think about how he would have fit into Lorelai and Rory’s life if he and Lorelai had gone through with their wedding.

Max is more stable and solid than Christopher, Jason, and anyone whom Lorelai dated casually, so while he’s not Luke, he’s still a good partner for her to have. While Lorelai ultimately can’t commit to him, she does start to envision life in a serious and healthy relationship, and that’s important.


Gilmore Girls fans will forever be torn between who Rory’s heart really belongs to. Is it Jess, Logan, or Dean?

Viewers wondered if Jess and Rory would realize that they still love each other in the revival. While that doesn’t happen, he’s the only one of her ex-boyfriends who seems to be free, clear, and ready for a real relationship. Dean has a family and Logan is engaged and still caught up in his family’s world. Jess, on the other hand, has gotten his act together. He always needed to grow up and in A Year In The Life, he proves that he’s done a lot of work on himself.


Luke may seem grumpy but he can be a total sweetheart in many casesGilmore Girls fans have always considered Luke and Lorelai to be the show’s best and most wonderful couple.

Luke is perfect for Lorelai in so many ways: he’s a business owner, a quirky guy, an integral part of the town, and supportive of her daughter. He likes that Lorelai does her own thing and she doesn’t want him to change, either. Viewers love that these two are still together in the revival and it’s so sweet to see them finally tie the knot.