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GitHub Actions lets you test your Arduino projects

Arduino users and enthusiasts may be interested in some new tools created by the official Arduino team, to make checking your code as easy as possible. The automated tools are used with GitHub Actions, and allow anyone to set up a simple “smoke test” on every commit and pull request made to a GitHub repository, with reports on the impacts of those changes. The free and open source actions are now available from the GitHub Marketplace via the link below.

GitHub Actions is the preferred automation service for continuous integration in the Arduino firmware repositories. Let’s take a look at its fundamental concepts. Workflows define the procedure that should run when a specific event occurs in the repository. For example, you might have a workflow that runs every time someone submits a pull request to your repository. Using GitHub Actions is only a matter of adding a workflow configuration file to your repository. Actions are programs that do specific tasks. These programs are packaged in a manner that makes them easy to reuse in any GitHub Actions workflow. By using combinations of the many actions provided by the open source community, you can easily do complex things with simple, easy to maintain workflows.”

Several GitHub Actions actions are available for use with Arduino projects. One of these is arduino/compile-sketches. As you might have guessed from the name, this is a tool for compiling Arduino sketches.