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HBO plans month-long celebration for ‘Game of Thrones’ 10th anniversary

It’s been almost two years since we bade farewell to Game of Thrones (GoT). To be precise, April 17 marks the 10th anniversary of the epic sword and sorcery show’s first-ever premiere. A celebratory moment for the cast, HBO decided to commemorate the occasion a little differently this time around, by revisiting the series, raising money for charity and get fans ready for thrilling spin-offs like the House of Dragon.

On Monday, streaming service HBO Max launched a new GoT page that highlights fan-favourite episodes, behind-the-scenes documentation and recommendation for similar shows.

Entertainment Weekly reported that on April 10, HBO will launch a customised hashtag for GoT fans. #MaraThrone supports their episode marathon beginning from season one, pilot episode titled Winter is Coming. After airing the popular episodes, fans are encouraged to re-watch the series in order to complete challenges set by the streaming service. Some major encouragement from the show’s cast members will take charge on social media this week where the actors will chime in to raise the spirits of fans and contribute to any of the charitable causes beginning from UNICEF to FilmAid International and National Urban League to the Trevor Project.

Game of Thrones is said to be the true colossal and global force in pop culture, merely for inspiring hundreds of people, be it from naming their babies after Daenerys Targaryen or getting married in true Westeros style. The 10th anniversary includes some exclusive GoT merch where every fan will have access to a new array of tie-in products as well. It includes the “Imperial egg” designed by Emmy-winning costume designer Michele Claption, iron-textured assortment of the figures as seen in the series, and few wedding packages made for couples who wish to get married in accordance with the GoT theme.

Upon noticing a high demand in Westeros-theme destination weddings, HBO has announced to select three couples for their custom chalices and barrels of wine, and an elaborated cake designed to honour House of Targaryen, Stark and Lannister.