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‘He’s Got A Bit Of Suarez In Him’ Reveals Former Red On Nunez


Whenever a new player signs with Liverpool there is a rush to make comparisons to past greats. Could he be the next <insert Liverpool legend’s name here>? Or is he just going to end up being like <insert player’s name who failed or flopped at Liverpool here>? Obviously, it’s pretty easy for people to make the comparison that Darwin Nunez is the second coming of Luis Suarez. He’s from the same country and plays the same position. Well, that’s exactly what former Liverpool midfielder Stuart Downing has said.

“I think watching him, the fans will love him. He has that South America style about him,” he exclusively told the Liverpool ECHO. “He’s a bit like a Suarez type of player and with the crosses coming in from both sides he is going to thrive on that and the service he is going to get.

“I just see him fitting in really well and Jurgen Klopp very rarely buys players that don’t fit into the way he wants to play. I just think he will be a great signing and he is a lot different to Mane. But you need different ways of playing and different dimensions.

“I think he will be a fans’ favourite,” Downing continued, “just the way he plays, 100% the fans will love that and it will be nice if he gets a couple of goals early on, especially at Anfield to get his confidence up.”

Let’s hope Stuart is right about the forward.