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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Hypes Up Early Access With Cinematic Trailer

A new trailer for Hood: Outlaws and Legends adds an epic feel to the new PvPvE multiplayer heist game from Sumo Digital. In the weeks leading up to the release of the Hood, publisher Focus Home Interactive has posted trailers detailing what players can expect from the new heist game. These Hood trailers went over the different classes, how matches work, and what content to expect over the following months after launch.

Hood operates in the same vein as other PvPvE games like For Honor or Hunt: Showdown. Players will enter into a large map with an enemy team and hostile NPC guards that roam around. Taking out guards can open paths for teammates and add experience points to the player’s character. Most prominent is the Sheriff, who can instantly kill any player unlucky enough to be caught in his grasp. A heist is complete once a team successfully extracts the treasure chest.

The new trailer on Focus Home Interactive’s YouTube shows all four of the current classes in Hood utilizing their strengths as they advance further into the stronghold. While the thieves cruise their way through the various guards on patrol, the action picks up when the rival team jumps into the fray. As the two teams clash, the Ranger catches an enemy Hunter trying to take the chest away. After a skirmish causes the death of more guards, the Hunter succeeds in killing the Ranger only to have her head smashed in by the Sheriff.

Hood enters early access for those that preordered the game on May 7, three days before its official release on May 10. Preordering also nets players the “Forest Lords” cosmetic pack for free. Those that preorder the Year 1 Edition will have access to all three Battle Passes set to release some time after launch. Preorders are still live for those that have not already done so at the time of this writing. While games may not exactly play out like in the trailer, action can get hectic based on the commentary video the developers released last week. The emphasis on the Sheriff indicates that he is going to be more of a threat than some may realize.

Sumo Digital seems to have a contender to go against For Honor and Scavengers, which just entered early access. PvPvE games are unique because of the flexibility each match online presents. Moments where players battle against NPCs only to run into another group of players is one reason more games like Hood: Outlaws and Legends are becoming more frequent.