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Horizon Forbidden West Locations Marked Out On Real World Map

After a surprise State of Play dedicated to Horizon Forbidden West in May, one fan has marked out all of the game’s currently known locations on a real-world map. Horizon Forbidden West remains one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation exclusives that is still yet to be released. However, while being used in the marketing for the PlayStation 5, there has been truly little actually shared about it, until now.

The recent Horizon Forbidden West showcase was a visual delight for expectant fans, despite some divided views over Aloy’s new look. Fifteen minutes of footage from the game was revealed, that saw Aloy battle Tremortusks and Raiders, while also traversing the world’s lush environment. But while the gameplay reveal was a sight to behold, PlayStation also shared a series of images from the game during its countdown to the event. Here, beautiful and hostile environments were displayed through a series of clips, that appeared to be originating from some kind of security camera.

Now, one Horizon Forbidden West fan has taken these freshly revealed locations and plotted them onto a real-world map of the areas. Despite Horizon Forbidden West being set one thousand years in Earth’s future, there are plenty of landmarks still left behind to make these geographical locations instantly recognizable. Kalinque shared their work on Reddit, which shows off the true extent of Aloy’s future travels. According to the map’s depiction, Aloy will venture to Mount Diablo (The Sheerside Mountains) on the Eastern side of California as well as all the way towards Yosemite National Park (High Turning).

Thankfully for Aloy, there are multiple methods of traversal, as well as fresh kit, available to her within Horizon Forbidden West, that will make her exploration swifter. Along with the new Diving Mask that will allow Aloy to venture into the watery depths of the game, she will also be able to use a Pullcaster to speed up climbing and a Shieldwing to glide down from higher levels. Aloy is also one of the very few members of the human race in Horizon Forbidden West that is able to override machines. She can use this ability to tame the machines and use them as mounts while traversing the game’s vast map.

While this fan-made map is a fun homage to the game, there is still no news about when Horizon Forbidden West will actually be released. According to the teams at Guerilla, however, the game’s development still remains on track. Hopefully, before long, there will be another update on this highly anticipated sequel that will give eager fans a better idea of when they can expect to experience Horizon Forbidden West’s map for themselves.