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How to convert Valorant sensitivity to Aim Lab

Aim Lab is the most popular aim-training platform for practicing aim, reflexes, and skills for first-person shooter gamers.

If such titles are players’ go-to genre, they know just how vital mouse settings are to become better in the game. Factors like DPI and scoped sensitivity have a significant impact on someone’s performance in the game.

Since its release last year, Valorant has been one of the most popular FPS games. The in-demand aim-training platform, Aim Lab, recently added custom training options for the game, including maps and skins for Valorant players.

After this latest addition, some players are having some difficulties converting their Valorant sensitivity to Aim Lab sensitivity. With this article, they will have a clear idea of converting this feature.

New additions to Aim Lab

Aim Lab has partnered with Riot Games to create drills and training for Valorant in the past. It even offered the chance to earn items based on in-game performance for the recently concluded NA Valorant Challengers North America.

The then devs added some Valorant custom training maps on April 29th. They have also brought in Ascent Headshot, Ascent Microflex, Ascent Wall Peek, Ascent Tracking, Haven Trigger Discipline, and Haven Entry as part of the training courses.

Many top players like Andrej “Babybay” Francisty and Tyson “TenZ” Ngo have already tested the new training courses.

After the new update, the devs also organized a “Road to Radiant” challenge to test Valorant players’ skills in Aim Lab. Many top gamers have already participated in this challenge.

Going back to sensitivity, to improve accuracy, players need perfect mouse sensitivity.

Valorant to Aim Lab sensitivity conversion

To convert Valorant sensitivity into Aim Lab, players can use a formula, which states that the former multiplied by 1.4 is the latter’s sensitivity.

Players can also head to the AIMING.PRO site where they will find a mouse sensitivity calculator.

Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to Aim Lab in AIMING.PRO
Sensitivity conversion: Valorant to Aim Lab in AIMING.PRO

With this, players can convert the sensitivity of any game to another.