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How to Find Large Gear in Nier Replicant (& What It’s For)

Players who hope to excel in the world of NieR Replicant will need to ensure that they have the best weapons available to them. A powerful weapon is important in order to help players dish out as much damage as possible against their foes, and ensure that their enemies don’t get back up again. Tracking the best weapons in the game down is no easy feat, so players will need to work very hard to acquire them.

Once players have a powerful weapon though they will then need to make it as strong as possible by upgrading it. Upgrading a weapon can increase its strength drastically, but players will need to have different materials to make it work. One of the rarest upgrade materials in the game is the Large Gear, which is used in a vast array of different weapon upgrades. This guide shows players how exactly to track down Large Gear in NieR Replicant.

NieR Replicant: Where To Find Large Gear

As one of the more rare upgrading materials in the game players are not able to just find Large Gear anywhere in the game, and must instead search for it in a specific part of the world. Since it is a metal component, it makes sense that this piece can only be found by defeating robotic enemies in combat. This means that players will want to go to the Junk Heap area to search for Large Gear. Luckily all of the enemies in this area will actually drop Large Gear when they are defeated, so despite being a rare component the player will be able to get their hands on a decent number of them in this location.

The downside though is that smaller robotic enemies don’t drop this component very often, which means that carving through common enemies here will make getting Large Gear a slow process. Instead, players will want to focus their time and effort on defeating the largest robots that they can. The larger and tougher the robotic enemy is then the more chance the player has of getting a Large Gear upon defeating it. To increase their chances as well the player can equip some Mah Words to their weapons, which will increase the drop rate of items by a certain percentage. This will ensure that the player gets their hands on rare materials more often.