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How to upgrade your PS4 games to superior PS5 versions for free

You can play the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5 thanks to the new Sony console’s backward compatibility feature, but some publishers are letting you upgrade PS4 games to the PS5 versions for free. This lets you play many of them with 4K dynamic resolution at 60 frames per second and delivers shorter loading times, making for a better gaming experience.

One major game that recently got such an upgrade is Marvel’s Avengers. The PS5 version arrived March 18, along with Hawkeye and his new story missions. However, you should be sure to keep the PS4 version installed long enough to migrate your save.

Another big game getting an update is last year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It’s coming June 10 along with an expansion featuring awesome ninja Yuffie Kisaragi. The next-gen update is free for current owners, but the Yuffie content will cost extra (the price hasn’t been revealed) and is only available on PS5.

The PS5 is available now but has been going in and out of stock at retailers. The digital-only model costs $400, and the one with a disc drive is $500.

Your game upgrades won’t happen automatically or through a typical game update, so it’s easy to accidentally keep playing the PS4 version of a game on your new PS5. You have to go to the game page on the PlayStation Network and choose to upgrade to the PS5 version. That’ll download the extra data needed for the next-gen features.

You can also upgrade to PS5 versions if you have a physical PS4 game, as long as you bought the PS5 with a disc drive. You’ll always need to use the PS4 disc to play the PS5 version; upgrading doesn’t get you a free digital copy of the game. You’ll still download the PS5 update from the PSN, but you won’t need a PS5-specific disc — your PS4 one will become an authenticator.