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‘I Had a Hair Transplant’ – Joe Rogan Talks About the Scar on the Back of His Head

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular faces associated with the UFC. The color commentator who has been part of the UFC since 1997 is also a podcaster and stand-up comic. Apart from his brilliant commentary skills, there is one thing that stands out about Rogan and that is the giant scar on the back of his head.

Recently during an interview, Rogan talked about how he got the scar. “I had a hair transplant, that was the dumbest thing I have ever done; I have a giant scar on the back of my head; it looks like a smile.”

One can do hair transplants in various ways, however, the most common process is strip harvesting. This process tends to leave a scar like the one seen at the back of Rogan’s head.

While talking some more about the procedure, Rogan said, “Now the way they do it, in a lot of places they do it differently, they do one individual follicle at a time. I just was scared that I was going bald. I was like, what can you do. And they tell you like they can fix it, I was like Oh great, I’ll just get it fixed, but it doesn’t really fix it.”

Many professional sportsmen and TV personalities get such procedures done regularly. However, Rogan believes that this is not something he should not have done.

“I should have just shaved my head, I just didn’t know the freedom,” Rogan said.

Joe Rogan got a hair transplant because of his TV career

Before becoming a world-famous UFC commentator and renowned podcast host, Rogan did many other things. Rogan did various TV shows and movies when he was younger, while he was also a stand-up comic. Therefore Rogan believed that how he looked would affect his career, and thus he was terrified of losing his hair.

“I think I was 28, well I just started acting on TV and I was panicking, my hair was like seriously falling out. And I was like, this shit is going quick and I was like where is it gonna go. I knew that part of the reason why I was making money was the way I looked.”

Clearly losing his hair did not affect Rogan in any way, as he has since become one of the most popular faces to be a part of combat sports.