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Johnny Manziel Names College Football’s 2 Best Players Ever

The best player in college football history is a very debatable topic. The sport has had hundreds (thousands, really) of truly great players. It’s tough to pick just one player when naming the greatest of all-time.

Johnny Manziel did it on Sunday night, though.

According to the former Texas A&M quarterback – a great player, himself – the best player in college football history if Cam Newton.

Newton, who starred at Auburn, had one of the most-dominant seasons of all-time in 2010. He won the Heisman Trophy and a bunch of other individual awards while leading the Tigers to a national championship season.

“Cam Newton is the best CFB player to ever lace em up #unpopularopinions,” Manziel tweeted on Sunday night.

Manziel’s pick might be unpopular to some, though there are many who will agree that Newton is the “best” player they’ve ever seen at the college level.

Another former SEC quarterback is No. 2 on Manziel’s list.

“Tebow #2,” Manziel wrote.

Manziel also provided a response to other players being suggested: “If you never won a (national championship) you can’t be the GOAT.”

Let the debate begin…