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League of Legends Pride 2021 free rewards and mission guide

In commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia on May 17, Riot Games is celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community with several Pride-themed events across its various titles. In League of Legends, the Pride 2021 celebration comes with a new set of limited time missions. These missions reward players with event-exclusive emotes and a new player icon.

Pride 2021 also marks the return of the Rainbow Poro Icon bundle. Players that missed the icons last year can unlock The Fluft Bundle in the client’s store for one Blue Essence. Equipping one of these seven icons will give players access to a colorful pride-themed homeguard trail in-game for the duration of the event.

Pride 2021 missions in League of Legends

As part of Pride 2021, Riot Games is releasing four missions in League of Legends and another in Teamfight Tactics. The first two League of Legends missions dropped May 17 with the release of the event. The third mission drops on May 24 and the fourth and final mission activates on May 31.

Mission and Unlock DateMission RequirementsReward
Love That Encircles the Horizon (May 17)Earn 50 Points:– Win a game: 2 points– Win a game with 1 or more friends: 5 points– Lose a game: 1 point– Lose a game with 1 or more friends: 3 pointsBeside You Emote
Together We Are Strong (May 17)– Kill 4 Dragons– or Play 3 Games500 Blue Essence
Every Color Under the Sun (May 24)– Deal 20,000 champion damage– or Play 3 games as, with or against Leona– or Play 6 GamesPride 2021 Player Icon
The Moon Reflects the Truth (May 31)– Earn 20,000 Gold– or Play 3 Games as, with or against Diana– or Play 6 GamesPride 2021 Emote

Players may find the requirements for the first mission, Love That Encircles the Horizon, to be daunting. Those without a premade need to win 25 games, lose 50, or some combination of the two. However, the Pride missions have an extended completion window. Players have until the end of June to amass the necessary points and unlock all available rewards.

In all, the four missions unlock two new emotes, a new Pride 2021 player icon, and 500 Blue Essence.

New Booms in Teamfight Tactics

Players of Riot’s auto battler Teamfight Tactics will also have the opportunity to represent the vibrant colors of Pride 2021. The mode’s Little Legends have new pride-themed trails that follow them around the carousel and game board. Similar to the homeguard trail in League of Legends, these colorful trails are unlocked by equipping one of the Rainbow Poro icons.

Players also have the opportunity to use colorful new booms. A boom in Teamfight Tactics is the animation that activates when a player wins a round and deals damage to another player’s health points. The new Pride boom has seven variants and can be unlocked through a new mission. The mission, titled Sun and Moon, requires players to field a team with Leona and Diana at the same time. Upon completion, players unlock the new Pride boom set and get 200 experience towards the Reckoning Pass as a bonus.

For information on Pride events coming to Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra, read the official Riot Games dev blog.