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Liverpool face fixture chaos with massive pile-up caused by Champions League

The 2022/23 season promises to be an intriguing, unpredictable experience.

Adding to the usual highs and lows of a regular campaign, a World Cup has been added into the mix and will take place in the middle of the domestic calendar. Quite how this will affect teams is challenging to predict, given this is the first-ever winter edition of this major tournament.

Top-flight sides in England will play their final fixtures before the World Cup on the weekend of November 12/13, returning to Premier League action on Boxing Day. Clubs with fewer players at the tournament will, naturally, be at an advantage while those who are heavily represented could feel the full effects of player fatigue.

Liverpool endured one of the most gruelling campaign’s in their history last term, playing 63 matches while going for glory across all four competitions – four short of the Reds’ all-time record for games in a single season (67, 1983/84). Regardless of whether or not Jurgen Klopp’s side repeat their cup heroics of last term, their fixture list is looking particularly daunting due to changes made to Champions League group stage games in preparation for Qatar.

Ordinarily spread out between the middle of September to late December, all six group stage contests will this year begin in the opening week of September and will have been concluded by November 2. Liverpool will play half of their six group games in October and an overall total of nine fixtures that month, surpassing the staggering tally witnessed in December 2021 (eight matches).

Below is how the Reds’ schedule could end up looking over the course of 2022/23…

*Fixtures are subject to change*

August 6 – Fulham (A)

August 15 – Crystal Palace (H)

August 22 – Manchester United (A)

August 27 – Bournemouth (H)

August 31 – Newcastle (H)

September 3 – Everton (A)

September 6/7 – Champions League MD1

September 10 – Wolves (H)

September 13/14 – Champions League MD2

September 18 – Chelsea (A)

October 1 – Brighton (H)

October 4/5 – Champions League MD3

October 9 – Arsenal (A)

October 11/12 – Champions League MD4

October 16 – Manchester City (H)

October 19 – West Ham (H)

October 22 – Nottingham Forest (A)

October 25/26 – Champions League MD5

October 30 – Leeds United (H)

November 1/2 – Champions League MD6

November 5 – Tottenham Hotspur (A)

W/C November 7 – Carabao Cup Third Round

November 12 – Southampton (H)

World Cup pause

W/C December 19 – Carabao Cup Fourth Round

December 26 – Aston Villa (A)

December 31 – Leicester City (H)

January 2 – Brentford (A)

January 7 – FA Cup Third Round

W/C January 9 – Carabao Cup Fifth Round

January 14 – Brighton (A)

January 21 – Chelsea (H)

W/C January 23 – Carabao Cup Semi-Final

January 28 – FA Cup Fourth Round

W/C January 30 – Carabao Cup Semi-Final Second Leg

February 4 – Wolves (A)

February 11 – Everton (H)

February 14/15 (or 21/22 depending on draw) – Champions League Round of 16 First Leg

February 18 – Newcastle (A)

February 25 – Crystal Palace (A)

February 26 – Carabao Cup Final

March 1 – FA Cup Fifth round

March 4 – Manchester United (H)

March 7/8 (or 14/15 depending on draw) – Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg

March 11 – Bournemouth (A)

March 18 – Fulham (H), FA Cup Quarter-Final ( Fulham league game would be postponed )

April 1 – Manchester City (A)

April 8 – Arsenal (H)

April 11/12 – Champions League Quarter-Final First Leg

April 15 – Leeds United (A)

April 18/19 – Champions League Quarter-Final Second Leg

April 22 – Nottingham Forest (H), FA Cup Semi-Final ( Nottingham Forest league game would be postponed )

April 25 – West Ham (A)

April 29 – Tottenham Hotspur (H)

May 6 – Brentford (H)

May 9/10 – Champions League Semi-Final First Leg

May 13 – Leicester City (A)

May 16/17 – Champions League Semi-Final Second Leg

June 3 – FA Cup Final

June 10 – Champions League Final

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