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My Hero Academia: 5 Times Ochaco Let Her True Feelings for Deku Show

Fans have many different romantic pairings in mind for My Hero Academia protagonist Izuku Midoriya. While no one can say who he’ll ultimately end up with, there’s substantial evidence to suggest Ochako Uraraka could become a canon love interest for the One For All successor.

From their very first gravity-defying meeting to full-blown realizations of love, Deku and Ochaco form an adorable pair. After saving each other’s lives in the U.A. entrance exams, the two became fast friends who value and support each other as aspiring heroes. (He probably wouldn’t have even chosen “Deku” as his hero name if Ochaco hadn’t said it was cute.) These five moments throughout My Hero Academia show just how much Ochaco crushes on Deku.

Ochaco Is Head Over Heels (Literally) For Deku

Many scenes between Deku and Ochaco can be called sweet, but Ochaco also has moments in My Hero Academia when her feelings go far beyond blushy interactions. In Season 3, Episode 15, her bubbling emotions get the better of her and she nearly confesses her crush to all the girls of Class 1-A.

As the girls are chatting in the U.A. dorms, she finds herself gushing, “My heart’s been feeling all stirred up,” to which Mina promptly proclaims, “It’s love!” Ochaco denies this, especially when Mina guesses that it’s Midoriya, but the call-out makes her so flustered that her Zero Gravity Quirk sends her flying into the air.

While suspended upside down — literally turning head over heels — Ochaco looks out the window and spies Deku outside practicing his kicks. By the way she gazes at him with those sparkly eyes and rosy cheeks, it’s plain as day that it is love, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Shippers can mark this as a pinnacle moment for their relationship.

Aoyama Predicts Ochaco’s Feelings

My Hero Academia Season 2 ends on Class 1-A’s final exams, which include classmate team-ups against pro heroes. When Ochaco is paired with Aoyama to fight against Thirteen, the two find themselves in a losing battle as the Black Hole hero starts sucking them up with their Quirks.

Ochaco takes a moment to think about what Deku might do. Suddenly, Aoyama seems to read her mind and guesses, “You were thinking about what Izuku Midoriya would do, weren’t you?” He then presses further, asking flat out if she likes him. Ochaco’s face turns red and she lets go of the rail they were clinging to. This move, however, causes Thirteen to hesitate. The determined Ochaco quickly detains the pro hero using the combat training she learned during her internship with Gunhead.

Aoyama’s spot-on prediction haunts Ochaco in the following episodes and seasons. She’ll frequently replay his nosy, ill-timed question in her mind like a flashback whenever she questions her feelings for Deku.

Ochaco’s Jealousy At Deku With Mei

Nothing stirs up a crush like terrible pangs of jealousy. Despite her wishes to keep it cool, Ochaco’s nerves get worked up when other girls get too chummy with Deku. These feelings are first evident during the U.A. Sports Festival when Deku gives Mei Hatsume more attention in their team-up, and it only worsens when she accidentally crashes on top of Deku in Season 3. When Mei doesn’t shy away from getting up close and personal with him, the horrified look on Ochaco’s face says it all. When Ochaco even thinks about Mei, she tries to punch herself in the face just to forget about the incident.

Mei isn’t the only one who upsets Ochaco by getting too close to Deku. During the Hero’s License exams, Ochaco grapples with her disturbed feelings as Deku is pressed for details about his incursion with the mysterious naked girl by Mineta and Kaminari. Ochaco wants to bury her emotions and focus on becoming a great hero like Deku, but moments like these simply squeeze her tender heart too much.

Ochaco & Deku: Bitten By The Lovebug

When Class 1-A learns they’re heading to training camp, they take a trip to the mall to pick up supplies. As everyone disperses, Deku and Ochaco are left with a moment together to discuss their shopping plans. Unprepared to be alone with Deku, Ochaco gets flustered and exclaims how she needs to get bug spray – however, the way it comes out sounds like she’s calling Deku a pest.

Humiliated, Ochaco flees from Deku, a move she later regrets after assessing the situation in hindsight. Still, her mind is sent into a frenzy as she tries to convince herself she has no romantic feelings. She even thinks, “It’s not like I want to go shopping with him or anything.” Any My Hero Academia fan can catch that proclamation as a blatant lie.

Ochaco’s Love Reaches Great Heights

In case anyone had forgotten about the depths of Ochaco’s affections for Deku, Season 5, Episode 7 proves her feelings have far from subsided. The scene starts off with Ochaco admiring Deku’s study habits as he assesses his fellow classmates’ progress.

When he’s called away by All Might, Mina and Mineta wonder why Deku has been meeting with him so often. Ochaco is filling them in, explaining how All Might has been helping him practice for a while, when Mina decides to tease her, saying, “Of course Uraraka would have the deets on Midoriya.” Ochaco gets defensive as usual, and in her embarrassment accidentally sends Mina soaring into the air.

At this point, many Class 1-A students seem to have an idea that Ochaco has a crush on Deku. Her denial isn’t helping her case, so My Hero Academia fans will just have to wait and see how her romantic feelings will manifest next.