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Naruto Just Made A Deadly Vow Against Boruto

Naruto just made a deadly vow against Boruto – and fans are left wondering if father and son aren’t now headed for a tragic collision course. (Major SPOILERS Follow!) In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 57, Naruto must finally share the dark insights he learned during the battle with Isshiki Otsutsuki with his fellow Kage. That includes the fact that Boruto’s Karma seal marks him as the chosen vessel for Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s resurrection, which begs an obvious but awkward question. Only Gaara has the mettle to speak up and address the elephant in the room: If Boruto goes full Momoshiki, does Naruto have the heart to take out his own son?

According to Naruto: “I’ll do what needs to be done. As Hokage.”

If nothing else, Boruto has kept Naruto fans intrigued with the way it juxtaposes the present events of the series with the ominous flash-forward scene that opened it. That scene featured teenage Boruto and teenage Kawaki battling it out over a destroyed Hidden Leaf village, with both their Otsutsuki Karma powers in full display. Kawaki drops the ominous trash-talk that he will send Boruto “where I sent the Seventh Hokage.” That’s always been a big point of fan theory focus, and Boruto’s Kara and Isshiki arcs have rapidly transformed all preconceived notions of how that scene – and that quote – will play out.

Naruto has been significantly Nerfd in power due to the death of Kurama during the battle with Isshiki. Even though Naruto claims to be able to do his duty as Hokage if it comes to stopping Momoshiki-Boruto (which we don’t believe at all), he may not have the power necessary to do it.

Naruto Vows Kill Boruto Momoshiki Manga 57 Spoilers

When Momoshiki took possession of Boruto’s body after the battle with Isshiki, he was able to cripple Sasuke and nearly kill both Sasuke, Naruto, and Kawaki all at once. Boruto’s body has only been 80% converted into an Otsutsuki, so there is good reason for both Gaara and the rest of the Kage to worry about what could happen to the world if the full-fledged Momoshiki gets unleashed.

It’s hard to believe that Naruto would ever truly face Boruto in a battle to the death. Still, the pair’s father/son relationship started from a very strained place at the beginning of Boruto; if Naruto has to seriously fight – and even just wound – Boruto, even with good reason, it could conceivably fracture their bond in an irreparable way.