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Neptunia Virtual Stars PC VTuber DLC Will Drop Next Week

Even more VTubers will show up in the Neptunia Virtual Stars PC version on April 29, 2021, as that’s when more DLC will appear. 20 packs with items inspired by actual VTubers appear in each one.

Each pack includes items related to that VTuber. For example, if someone looks at the Medwin Toris Pack on Steam, it shows people get the “Medwin Toris X” Cube, 40 recovery items inspired by the character, three masks, and three accessories. In the case of the ReVdol! Pack, which involves a VTuber group and multiple characters, you get accessories, masks, recovery items, and “X” Cubes for each member.

Here’s the full list of all the Neptunia Virtual Stars PC VTuber add-ons Idea Factory International will release. Keep in mind that they will be 20% off between April 29, 2021 and May 6, 2021. While the DLC packs aren’t available to purchase yet, their listings are available on Steam.

  • Akatsuki UNI Pack
  • Aogiri High School Pack​
  • Asacre Peace Pack
  • Asano Sisters Project Pack
  • Electronic Fairy Project x Kokounoakumu-Nightmare- Pack\
  • Game Club Project Pack
  • Hibiki Ao Pack
  • Ileheart Pack
  • INSIDEChan Sisters Pack​
  • Inuyama Tamaki Pack​
  • Iwasimiz Kotoko Pack
  • Maoh Magrona Pack​
  • Medwin Toris Pack
  • Pinky Pop Hepburn Pack
  • ReVdol! Pack​
  • Sifir Esirer Pack
  • Tenjin Kotone Pack
  • Todoki Uka Pack​
  • Tomari Mari Pack​
  • WACTOR Pack

Neptunia Virtual Stars is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Its 20 VTuber DLC packs will appear on Steam on April 29, 2021.