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New ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ hotfix resolves several quest bugs

Polish video game developer and publisher CD Projekt RED has issued a new hotfix patch for Cyberpunk 2077.

Hotfix 1.22 rolled out on Wednesday, April 28, with its complete list of patch notes available via the official Cyberpunk 2077 website. The hotfix follow’s CD Projekt RED’s recent 1.21 hotfix patch for the game and targets quests and open-world bugs, including Cyberpunk 2077’s first retrofix.

Examples of specific target and open-world fixes being implemented with Hotfix 1.22 include the fixing of glitches in Johnny’s appearance after buying the Nomad car from Lana, and the fixing of an issue in the Epistrophy mission during which players would get trapped in the garage if they didn’t follow the drone and ran into the control room instead.

Another major fix introduced with the hotfix is a retrofit for an issue that was thought to be resolved with hotfix 1.21 in which NPC Takemura would get stuck in the Japantown docks while in the Down On The Street mission. Takemura will now teleport to Wakako’s parlour, letting players proceed with the rest of the game.

Other changes being implemented include various issues related to clipping in NPCs’ clothes being resolved, GPU and ESRAM optimizations and improvements on Xbox One and memory management improvements on PlayStation 5.

Hotfix 1.21 was released earlier this month and included a number of UI improvements and stability and performance updates.

Earlier this month, CD Projekt RED shared its estimated profits and consolidated sales revenues for 2020 with an expected net profit of 1.1billion PLN (USD$304million) as well as a consolidated revenue of 2.1billion PLN ($563million) despite Cyberpunk 2077’s messy launch and large number of refunds.