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Old School Runescape: How to Level Up Magic Skill Fast

Without a doubt one of the most important aspects of Old School RuneScape is the different skills that players have access to. Each skill allows the player to complete different tasks more effectively or gain access to higher quality materials and items. By leveling these skills up players will make themselves much more powerful in the world of RuneScape and be able to do a wide array of different tasks and activities.

Some of the more important skills are the ones related to combat, and those who are hoping to do spells in Old School RuneScape will want to invest heavily in the Magic skill. This is by no means an easy feat though as leveling this skill completely will take many hours and a lot of patience on the part of the player. This guide will show players the fastest and most efficient way to level their Magic skill to the maximum amount.

Old School RuneScape – Understanding Runes And Equipment

Before trying to level up the magic skill players will first need to understand the equipment that they are bringing with them on their journey. For one every single spell that is cast in Old School RuneScape will require a certain number of Runes to be spent to cast them. For example, the starting spell Wind Strike needs one Air Rune and one Mind Rune each time that the player casts it. Some spells will only require one type of Rune whereas others may cost the player upwards of three or four different types. This means that become an effective spell caster means having access to as many Runes as physically possible.

There are a couple of different ways to acquire Runes in Old School RuneScape. The first option is for players to craft the Runes themselves. In order to do so the player will need to find the altar that corresponds to each Rune type and use different essences to craft the Rune that is needed. This method is by far the cheapest, but also requires that the player level up their Runecrafting skill. This can take quite a bit of time.

Another option is to instead just purchase Runes outright from a shop or another player. This can get very expensive, but it is also the quickest and most efficient way. Players who know how to make money easily in the game will be able to buy up all the necessary Runes needed and then start leveling themselves up.

One thing to keep in mind as well though is that there are different types of gear and equipment that the player can wear to boost their skills. Certain staffs will allow the player to have access to unlimited Runes of a certain type or boost the experience gained from spell casting. Players should keep an eye out for different types of equipment that will make their lives a lot easier when boosting their magic skill.

Old School RuneScape – Levels 1 To 17

In order to level up to level 17 players will want to obtain Air Runes, Water Runes, Fire Runes, Earth Runes, and Mind Runes. They will also want to equip some kind of staff because it will allow them to set up an autocast for whatever spell they want rather than having to cast it manually every time. Once this has been done the player will then want to go and try to complete the “Imp Catcher” quest. By making their way through this quest the player will earn enough experience points in Magic to boost themselves from Level 1 to Level 8.

After that has been done the player will then need to start grinding to raise their level significantly. The best place to really do this early on is to go to the fields around Lumbridge and start killing the cows using the Wind Strike spell. As the player earns experience and levels up they will eventually unlock Water Strike, Earth Strike, and then Fire Strike. Use these as each one unlocks to maximize the amount of experience earned. By killing these cows the player will obtain Cowhides that can be taken and turned into leather before being sold to earn a decent profit. These profits can then be used to purchase more Runes in order to cast more spells.

Old School RuneScape – Levels 17 To 33

Once the player hits level 17 they will find that using their Strike spells to kill cows isn’t really helping earn a lot of experience points anymore. The first thing that the player will want to do here is get their hands on some Chaos Runes on top of the normal elemental Runes. This is because rather than using Strike spells the player is going to switch to killing enemies using Bolt spells. They can start using Wind Bolt, but as they progress they can switch to Water Bolt, Earth Bolt, and finally Fire Bolt to ensure that they are earning the most amount of experience possible for each cast.

The player will also want to switch up what kinds of enemies they go after when training their Magic skill. A great place to earn experience is in the southern portion of the Edgeville Dungeons where the player will find Hill Giants that can be attacked with magic from a safe spot. This will allow the player gain a lot of experience when attacking, but these giants will also drop Big Bones and Limpwurt Roots that will fetch a decent price when sold off. Players will also find some Hobgoblins here as well that they can find a safe area to attack from. They can once again sell the Limpwurt Roots dropped by these enemies in order to pay for all the extra Runes that are needed.

Old School RuneScape – 33 To 55

Upon reaching level 33 players will want to get their hands on an air staff of some kind and pick up as many Law Runes as they possibly can. This is because they will now be able to cast Telekinetic Grab, which allows the player to pick up all manner of useful items from a distance. Essentially this new ability allows players to attack enemies from a distance and still acquire their dropped items without putting themselves in danger. They also will earn experience points every time they cast this ability as well.

There are several different areas that the player can go to in order to use their skills to gain experience. For one they can go to the cow field behind the Crafting Guild. Here they can post up in a safe spot and continuously kill Hobgoblins. They can then also use the Telekinetic Grab spell to pick up any items dropped by the Hobgoblins without having to fight. Players can also do something similar with the Greater Demons at the Demonic Ruins, the Lesser Demon at the Wizard’s Tower, and several other locations. Don’t forget to sell resources to purchase more Runes.

Old School RuneScape – 55 To 99

Once players have reached level 55 they are given one more option to help them boost all the way up to 99 in no time at all. At 55 they will unlock the High-Level Alchemy spell which can be cast on different items in order to turn them into however much Gold the player would receive if they sold them at a specialty store. Doing so will cost the player five Fire Runes and One Nature Rune, but it can be very effective.

The trick is for the player to first get their hands on a fire staff so that they will have access to an unlimited amount of fire runes. They can then go to the Grand Exchange and purchase as many pieces of Rune equipment and Nature Runes as they possibly can. The player can then cast High-Level Alchemy on these Rune items and earn more Gold than what they were purchased for. They can then just keep doing this over and over again until they have maxed out the Magic Skill level.