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One Piece: 10 Pirates Who Don’t Care About Their Crew

The One Piece world is full of pirates, most of whom set sail in search of Gol D. Roger’s treasure, the One Piece, located at Laugh Tale. Since the Great Pirate Era began, the world of One Piece has seen an influx of pirates and this increased even further after the new era followed the death of the legendary Whitebeard.

The pirates are, by definition, outlaws, but not all of them are evil people. There are, however, those who fit the billing of villainous pirates, who don’t even seem to care about their own crew.

Alvida Didn’t Care About Her Crewmates In The East Blue

Lady Alvida was introduced in the very first arc of One Piece when Luffy was accidentally brought on board by her crew. Her treatment of her crew indicated clearly that she had little to no affection for them and would kill anyone who didn’t call her beautiful.

Alvida was ultimately dealt with by Monkey D. Luffy but returned later to take revenge on him during the Logue Town arc of the story.

Captain Kuro Took His Crew To Be Puppets & Wanted Them Dead

Kuro was once a famous pirate in the East Blue but after being exhausted from the pirate life, he decided to abandon his crew and use them as his pawns to attain a life of glory without being a pirate.

Kuro eventually went on to prove this when he killed his own men indiscriminately during the Syrup Village arc, an act that angered Luffy to a great degree and resulted in him beating Kuro up.

Don Krieg Only Cared About How Useful His Men Were To Him

Don Krieg was known to be the strongest man in East Blue and he led the Krieg Armada. On their journey into the Grand Line, the group was nearly wiped out by Dracule Mihawk, one of the Shichibukai.

Krieg’s cruelty was displayed when he forced his men to return to the Grand Line and killed anyone who dared to raise their concern. He treated his men like pawns and even poisoned some of them in an attempt to take over Baratie.

Wapol Is One Of The Evilest Characters In One Piece

Wapol was the King of Drum Island at one point, but after Blackbeard’s attack, he abandoned the country and became a pirate for a while.

Being a terrible King known for his self-centered and selfish ways, Wapol would’ve been no better as a pirate and thus didn’t care about anyone other than himself. Wapol eventually returned to Drum Island but was defeated by Luffy and Chopper’s combined effort.

Sir Crocodile Never Trusted Any Member Of His Organization

Although not exactly a pirate crew, Sir Crocodile’s Baroque Works worked in a similar way to how a pirate crew would. Crocodile was the leader of the group and his aim was to get his hands on the Kingdom of Alabasta and, following that, the Ancient Weapon Pluton.

To achieve this, Crocodile used his subordinates but never trusted any of them, disposing of anyone who failed him even once.

Hody Jones Was Driven By An Empty Hatred Toward The Humans

Hody Jones was the leader of the New Fishman Pirates and the main antagonist of the Fishman Island arc. Initially, Hody was thought to be like Arlong, a man who mistreated all humans wrongly because of his experiences.

In reality, Hody was a monster who had absolutely no reason to hate the humans. He was the embodiment of hatred and even though he had comrades, he would kill any of them if it meant his goals were furthered.

Donquixote Doflamingo’s Crewmates Were Only Tools To Him

Doflamingo was the Captain of the Donquixote Pirates and one of the Shichibukai of the One Piece world. On the surface, Doflamingo looked like a guy who cared deeply about his family, but as Law put, Doflamingo was good to them as long as they were his pawns to make him the rightful King.

X Drake Is A Secret Marine But His Crew’s Position Isn’t Known

X Drake was thought to be a pirate and the captain of the Drake Pirates, but in the Wano Country arc, it was revealed that he was actually a Marine who had infiltrated Kaido’s crew.

Since he isn’t even a pirate, it is hard to imagine him having any sympathy for his crew. In fact, if his crew isn’t made up of undercover Marines, it is highly likely that they will eventually be arrested.

Rocks D. Xebec’s Crew Was Full Of People Who Were At Each Others’ Throats

Rocks was the greatest known pirate of his time and his crew, the Rocks Pirates was made up of tremendously powerful personalities. While the crew was mighty enough to rule the seas all alone, they bore no love for each other or even their captain.

The crew only respected strength and would even kill each other to prove that. Rocks, being the captain, was likely a strong believer of this idea as well.

Kaido’s Crew Is A Meritocracy & Only Values Strength

Kaido is one of the Yonko of the One Piece world and is famed as the strongest creature on land, air, and sea. His Beasts Pirates crew is incredibly powerful, as is expected of a Yonko crew. However, just like the Rocks Pirates, they don’t have any love for each other.

The Beasts Pirates fight each other to gain promotions and this proves that Kaido doesn’t respect anything other than strength. To him, a subordinate is worthy as long as they’re strong.