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One Piece: Luffy’s 10 Best Uses Of His Devil Fruit

Monkey D. Luffy is the first person in One Piece shown with the powers of a Devil Fruit, which are known to be mystical fruits that grant tremendous powers to the eater. Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and its powers turned him into a rubber man.

Although the powers of rubber don’t appear to be as great on the surface, Luffy’s clever usage of this Devil Fruit over the course of time has allowed him to climb all the way to the point where he can fight a Yonko.

10When He Used Gomu Gomu No Storm To Defeat Crocodile In Alabasta

Luffy’s very first challenge on his journey came during the Alabasta arc where he fought against one of the Shichibukai and the leader of the Baroque Works, Sir Crocodile. With the incredible experience that he had amassed over the years, Crocodile defeated Luffy twice and then almost got the victory over him again, but Luffy persevered and surpassed him in battle.

By using the stretching powers of his Devil Fruit to the fullest, Luffy was able to launch himself into the air and land a flurry of punches on Crocodile, beating him in the process.

9When He Was Unaffected By All Of Enel’s Attacks In Skypiea

Luffy fought against Enel during the Skypiea arc of One Piece, and even though he was a God, Luffy was able to counter all his powers thanks to his Devil Fruit.

Enel’s biggest weapon was the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia type Devil Fruit, which made him a lightning-human. Unfortunately for him, Luffy being rubber meant that he was his natural enemy.

8When He Was Able To Replicate Soru In The Enies Lobby Arc

Luffy lost to Rob Lucci during the Water 7 arc of One Piece but not before he picked something up from him and his comrades, and that was the Soru technique.

By observing their feet, Luffy was able to tell how they moved, and using the Devil Fruit power of his, he was able to recreate a similar technique with ease. With Soru, he could move at blinding speeds without his opponents being able to do anything to stop him.

7When He Unleashed Gear Second During His Fight Against Blueno

Luffy’s first display of a great leap in terms of power came when he fought against Blueno in the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece. After losing to Aokiji and then to the CP-9, Luffy realized that he had to get stronger quickly, and thanks to his Devil Fruit, he managed to do that in no time.

By using the properties of rubber to pump blood faster throughout his body, Luffy gained great speed and strength, and this form, known as Gear Second, enabled him to overcome several strong opponents.

6When He Created Gear Third During The Enies Lobby Arc

During Enies Lobby, Gear Second wasn’t the only thing Luffy had to develop to be able to defeat the CP-9. To gain a greater increase in terms of power, he created Gear Third. This Gear allows Luffy to blow air directly into his bones and turn his limbs to those of a giant.

Rob Lucci, one of the strongest of the CP-9, couldn’t tank this attack perfectly, and that just goes to show how destructive this technique is.

5When He Used Gear Second & Third Together To Beat Moria

Gecko Moria was once an incredibly powerful pirate who fought against Kaido in the New World. His broken spirit meant that he had weakened considerably since then, but Moria was still quite formidable when he fought Luffy.

To defeat him, Luffy had to use the maximum available potential of his Devil Fruit and tap into the power of both Gear Second and Gear Third at the same time. Luffy ultimately used Giant Jet Shell to finish him off.

4When He Used Gear Fourth To Overpower Doflamingo

In the New World, Doflamingo was Luffy’s first big challenge, and the power of Gear Second and Gear Third wasn’t enough to get through his defenses. To counter Doflamingo’s abilities, Luffy had to rely on his stratagem known as Gear Fourth.

This technique saw him use the maximum output of his Haki combined with the power of Devil Fruit. Luffy inflated his muscles with an incredible amount of air so he could get the body needed to wrestle stronger foes down.

3When Luffy Ate All Of Cracker’s Biscuit Soldiers In Whole Cake Island

Charlotte Cracker, one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, fought Luffy in the Seducing Woods of Whole Cake Island. Surprisingly, Cracker proved to be a tougher foe than even Doflamingo as he was able to match Gear Fourth and fight it head-on.

To defeat him, Luffy had to eat all the biscuit soldiers that he created, all thanks to his huge appetite made possible by the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

2When He Survived The Beatdown Against Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri was the biggest foe whom Luffy faced during the Whole Cake Island arc and the strongest of the Sweet Commanders. With a bounty of over a billion berries, Katakuri was an incredibly difficult foe for Luffy to defeat.

Their fight lasted for over twelve hours and Luffy was given the beatdown of a lifetime in the Mirro World. Thanks to the incredible resilience offered by his Devil Fruit, Luffy survived and eventually overcame him.

1When He Used Snakeman To Improve His Speed

During the fight against Katakuri, Luffy started to see the future just like him. However, to counter his perfect Haki, he needed something faster than Bounceman. To overcome this problem, Luffy unleashed Snakeman, a form for Gear Fourth that saw him make maximum use of his speed.

Thanks to Snakeman’s quickness and unpredictability, Luffy was able to hurt Katakuri and eventually defeat him.