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One-Punch Man’s Ugliest Monster Just Got His Grossest Power-Up Yet

The latest chapters of the One-Punch Man manga have seen several characters, both heroes and monsters alike, discover new power-ups and incredible uses of their abilities, but the monster Fuhrer Ugly has secured the grossest power-up to date.

The battle with the Monster Association has been a difficult one for the heroes; while the Monster Association’s leader has already been destroyed, several of the executive monsters, including Fuhrer Ugly, Homeless Emperor, and the gluttonous Gums, are still fighting, hoping to seize control of the Association’s remnants and conquer the world. However, as the heroes have begun to work together as a team, the monsters’ ability to cooperate has diminished. By using his Fist of Flowing Water Crushing Rock, Bang is able to redirect Fuhrer Ugly’s attack into Gums, causing the bestial monster to retaliate in kind, devouring Fuhrer Ugly in one bite.

Of all the executive monsters, Fuhrer Ugly has perhaps been the most brutal, using his Face Destructing Punch to destroy Sweet Mask’s famously beautiful visage before ripping him in half, or breaking nearly every bone in Tanktop Master’s body. Prior to Bang and Genos’ arrival, Fuhrer Ugly is about to turn his attention to a thoroughly exhausted Tatsumaki, who is in no shape to fight off these massive attacks. Since Gums swallows Fuhrer Ugly whole, it seems that problem might be resolved, but after a few moments Fuhrer Ugly rips the beast’s stomach open and emerges, still alive and partially digested. Needless to say, his appearance is even more hideous than before as a result, and the final page of the chapter dubs him by a new name, “Barf President Ugly.”

Exactly what new powers this transformation may unlock are unclear, but it’s obvious that Fuhrer Ugly still has some fight left in him. Fuhrer Ugly is said to have once been human, something that’s not too unusual for monsters in the One-Punch Man universe, who are often eager to share their backstories. However, a special subclass of monsters, referred to as “Ugmons,” are created from humans who have been rejected from society for their physical appearance. Their appearance begins to mutate to reflect the darkness and hatred that has resulted from that bullying, and monster powers develop from that. Fuhrer Ugly has shown a strong resentment towards popular heroes, and especially those with good looks like Sweet Mask, which fits well with that explanation. For Fuhrer Ugly, his disgusting looks have already left him with a truly incredible amount of power, taking out multiple S-class heroes back-to-back, so one can only imagine what impact this new change to his appearance will have. Given that Fuhrer Ugly wears the uniform of an elementary school child, this also hints at a very dark and tragic origin for the monster, albeit one that’s unlikely to be elaborated on.

One-Punch Man fans can only hope that this new form will be Fuhrer Ugly’s swan song, as otherwise the heroes may be in very serious trouble indeed. With Saitama’s location still unknown, the number of heroes capable of finishing this monster off is dwindling with every moment that the fight drags on, so it will all be up to Bang and Genos to finally put Fuhrer Ugly out of his misery.