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Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Wailord Finally Respawns For Player After A Year

Iconic Gen III Pokémon Wailord has finally returned to one player’s Pokémon Sword and Shield save after going missing for a whole year. While players initially noticed the enormous Pokémon on the shores of the Isle of Armor, it very quickly stopped respawning for many. Now, a year later, the whale Pokémon has made a triumphant return and brightened a trainer’s day.

The Isle of Armor was the first DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield. It introduced the first new region to the games, allowing players travelled from Galar to the Isle of Armor by train. Here, players were introduced to post-Pokémon League content and a number of new Pokémon to catch. The DLC added three trials that revolved around the concept of Gigantamaxing, which was introduced in the base game.

As spotted by DexertoPokémon fans have welcomed the gigantic whale Pokémon to the shores of the Isle of Armor once more. A player exploring the region was able to see the enormous Wailord on the Workout Sea. This isn’t due to any new update, but due to the game’s own respawn mechanics. Wailord was always able to respawn on the ocean map, but most players were just not aware of it. Once the wild Wailord was caught or fainted in battle it would despawn for a while, respawning only after a certain amount of time had passed. For some players, it was only a week or two, while others only saw the behemoth after a month. For pmoney39, that reunion didn’t come for an entire year.

Wailord is one of the first Pokémon seen when entering the Isle of Armor, with the Pokémon being pretty hard to miss due to the overwhelming size of it compared to just about anything else in the game, including Galar’s Legendary Pokémon. When the DLC first came out, much of the online reaction was about the sheer size of the Wailord (as well as about players being chased by hungry Sharpedo in the ocean). Wailord can also be found by fishing in Circhester Bay, with a 5% spawn chance, but there’s nothing else in the game quite like spotting it off the coast.

While it certainly shouldn’t take an entire year for a single Pokémon to respawn for most, players seeking out Wailord for their Pokédex entry should make sure to check back more often. After enough attempts, the Pokémon will once again be floating on the horizon. Players can take a pilgrimage to visit the rare Wailord in Pokémon Sword and Shield while they wait for more news on the next installments in the franchise, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.