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Resident Evil Village: Can You Kill Lady Dimitrescu?

While Resident Evil Village is the story of Ethan Winters, a huge focus of the marketing has been for the villainous Lady Dimitrescu. This tall, vampire-like woman has captured the imagination of Resident Evil fans everywhere, and has quickly become the face of Resident Evil Village as a whole. Resident Evil Village players encounter Lady Dimitrescu fairly early on in the game, and they may be wondering exactly how they can defend themselves against her.

Beyond that, some may be wondering if it’s even possible to kill Lady Dimitrescu. While the vast majority of Resident Evil Village monsters can be killed with bullets, explosives, and other weapons that Ethan can get his hands on, dealing with Lady Dimitrescu is a little more complicated. The question of whether or not Resident Evil Village players can kill Lady Dimitrescu is not a simple yes or no.

For those wondering, here is whether or not Resident Evil Village players can kill Lady Dimitrescu, and what exactly makes it so players can kill her or if she is completely invulnerable to their attacks.

Lady Dimitrescu Stalking Ethan

Resident Evil Village players will encounter Lady Dimitrescu in her castle, the aptly named Castle Dimitrescu. Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters will be the first ones to give Ethan trouble while he’s trying to explore the castle, but Lady Dimitrescu herself will eventually start stalking him as well. Like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2, Lady Dimitrescu chases Ethan around in an unscripted manner, and so part of the challenge in the castle is to avoid being attacked by her.

In Resident Evil 2, players were able to damage Mr. X enough to make him leave, and sometimes even drop items. Since Lady Dimitrescu is essentially Resident Evil Village‘s version of Mr. X, one would think that she may work similarly. However, anyone hoping to take out Lady Dimitrescu in exchange for some useful items will likely be disappointed to learn that she does not drop anything.

Players also can’t make Lady Dimitrescu leave in the same way that they could Mr. X. If players shoot Lady Dimitrescu enough, she will be stunned, which lets Ethan make a clean getaway. However, that’s the extent of what players can do to Lady Dimitrescu when they encounter in the castle. The best course of action is to simply avoid her as much as possible and if she ever finds Ethan, run away until she loses sight of him.

Dealing with Lady Dimitrescu a bit later on in the game is a completely different story, however. Please note that there will be MAJOR SPOILERS for Resident Evil Village in the remainder of this article.

Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight

Eventually, Resident Evil Village players will solve all of the puzzles in Castle Dimitrescu, and they will then be able to fight the lady of the manor in a proper boss fight. This battle mainly takes place on the castle’s roof, and sees protagonist Ethan Winters go head to head with a monster that looks quite a bit different than the vampire-like Lady Dimitrescu that players had encountered up to that point.

Lady Dimitrescu winds up cornering Ethan and when it seems all hope is lost, he manages to stab her in the side with a special dagger. This dagger seems to do some real damage to Lady Dimitrescu, and starts to trigger her transformation. She then warps into a flying horse-like flesh creature, but with a humanoid figure sticking out of the top of it. Ethan then has to face this twisted version of Lady Dimitrescu head-on.

This boss fight plays out like one might expect. Using Resident Evil Village‘s various weapons, players have to shoot the humanoid-portion of the monster, all the while avoiding its attacks. With enough perseverance, Ethan will finally do enough damage to kill this version of Lady Dimitrescu. She will turn into stone and then crumble away, which is the same story for pretty much all of Resident Evil Village‘s monsters and enemies when they’re defeated.

Can You Kill Lady Dimitrescu?

So basically, there are two answers to the question of whether or not Resident Evil Village players can kill Lady Dimitrescu. When players encounter the tall human-looking version of Lady Dimitrescu, the answer is no, she can not be killed. It’s a bad idea to waste any ammo on her at all, as she does not drop items like Mr. X before her, and it’s usually easier to outmaneuver and run past her instead of trying to fight her at this point in the game.

However, when Resident Evil Village players reach the proper boss fight against Lady Dimitrescu when she has mutated into a monster, then yes she can be killed. And in fact, killing her is a requirement to continue the game’s story.

Resident Evil Village is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.